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Busy Fingers 4-H Club Annual Achievement Awards Banquet

The Busy Fingers 4-H Club Annual Achievement Awards Banquet was held at the Bay City Legion on Sunday, Oct. 10, 2021. Dinner was held by the Turvavilles, the Peters, the Boyles, the Emerys, the Esterbys, and the Petersens.

Reese_Mandelkow held the American flag, and Scarlet Gadient held the 4-H flag.

The county awards went to four members: Ben Boyle for community service, Grace Turvaville for exploring, Mya Petersen for music, and Miles Petersen for personal development. They all got pins.

County Outstanding Members Nominees went to: Jocelyn Boyle, Hope Turvaville, and Joy Turvaville for leadership/officer. Also to Quinn Emery for being an outstanding member. Their awards will be presented to them on Nov. 14, 2021.

Our graduating members are Mara Adams (2021) and Emily Lofgren (2020). Our first-year member was Michael Petersen. He got a certificate. Our five-year members were Ben Boyle, Sterling Gadient, Tayler DuMond, and Miles Petersen. They all got pins and certificates. Our Cloverbuds were: Scarlet Gadient, Michael Petersen, Reese Mandelkow, Levi Sears, and Maryanne Petersen. They got certificates and colored pencils.

The early birds (the people who got their record books in first) were Jocelyn Boyle, Max Mandelkow, and Reese Mandelkow. They got gummy worms and coin purses. The four members with outstanding record books were Ben Boyle, Max Mandelkow, Jocelyn Boyle, and Miles Petersen. They got bags with a Kit Kats, Snickers, Reese’s Pieces, Lays, and a 4-H can koozy.

This year the president of our club is Jocelyn Boyle, vice president of our club is Grace Turvaville, secretary of our club is Julia Boyle, treasurer of our club is Ben Boyle, and reporter of our club is Miles Petersen. All members who achieved last year got a certificate.

Leader recognition and years enrolled were: Angie Esler-Whelan, Christine Boyle, Andrea Emery, and Tracie Esterby who were enrolled for three years. Bill Emery was enrolled for 25 years. Shari Turvaville was enrolled for 27 years.

Submitted by Busy Fingers 4-H Club Reporter Miles Petersen Submit your 4-H club news to Editor Sarah Nigbor at [email protected]

October 20, 2021