drinking caffeine and spending money. He plans to attend UW-Madison to major in biomedical engineering.
Prescott Kiwanis Club Student of the Week

Zachary Middleton

The Prescott Kiwanis Student of the Week is junior Zachary Middleton, nominated by Prescott High School Spanish teacher Nicole Jodarski.

“Zack’s greatest strength as a Spanish student is his curiosity and enthusiasm for acquiring language,” Jodarski said. “He brings lively discussion to the classroom on a daily basis. He offers astute observations and thoughtful questions that challenge everyone in the room. Zack has made so many novel connections with advanced language concepts, and he always is hungry to know more. Additionally, Zack has a delightful sense of humor that enriches the classroom environment. He is a kind and supportive classmate, and he is gracious and respectful when interacting with adults. He recognizes the strengths of his peers, and brings an irreplaceable vitality to class each day. ¡Enhorabuena, Zack!”

Zack is the son of Chris and Kris Middleton. He works at Starbucks as a barista and is a member of the A Capella Choir. He enjoys anything music-related,

October 20, 2021