Tales and Trails

A moment too late OUTDOOR

It took me a while but I finally got in my first bow hunt of the year. When I was getting my gear together, it kind of felt like I was just going through the motions._During that process a change slowly started to overcome me._The closer I got to actual hunting, the more excited I got._The first hunt of the new season is always cause for high hopes and expectations. By the time I jumped into my truck I was genuinely excited.___ I didn’t pick my stand for the afternoon hunt, I let the conditions dictate where I should go._First off, the wind was blowing from the southwest which limited my options to a couple of stands._More important was how hard the wind was blowing and it was strong enough to keep the bugs at bay._One of the reasons that I don’t get in much early season hunting is because of those pesky black gnats._Just mentioning that causes me to scratch my head, flinch, duck and swat the air even though I’m currently in the climate-controlled Dave Cave._ Ok, that brings us to the Buck Tree III._The original Buck Tree and Buck Tree II both gave themselves to a higher purpose, that being morel mushroom makers._They succumbed to old age and are now horizonal instead of vertical._The Buck Tree III is an ash tree so the morel cycle will end. I’m also hoping the life cycle of an ash tree is longer than that of an elm tree.

Before I left for the hunt the hourly forecast called for the winds to calm somewhat as the afternoon wore on._The longer I sat in my tree stand the harder the wind seemed to blow. I don’t mind a little wind but a lot of wind has never been favorable for me._Rather than risk getting pinned in my tree stand at the last second by a doe, I slipped out and headed to the truck.

I really wasn’t looking to fill my buck tag the first time in the stand but it sure would have been nice to see one._That was actually my goal: just to see a buck._Right before I started my truck to head home my phone vibrated._My first reaction was: “Who is calling me?”_Then I saw the banner notice._My cellular trail camera had just taken a picture from my stand to the east and guess what?_Yep, it was a really nice buck.

Dave – 0.

Deer – 1.


October 20, 2021