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LETTERS to the Editor

Build back what?

To the editor, Given the ongoing incompetence of the Biden Administration it must be terribly embarrassing for any politician (Jeff Smith) to use a slogan like Build Back Better when the entire country can see that the exact opposite is happening. It is probably also embarrassing for the third grader who came up with this slogan since the student likely received a D- for creativity, assuming the NEA still allows teachers to grade someone that low.

What has Biden's so-called Build Back Better accomplished so far? It has destroyed thousands of good jobs related to the XL Pipeline that was canceled by Biden. Then Biden asked OPEC to produce more oil to stop the skyrocketing gas prices in America.

OPEC told Biden to “stick it.”

The Biden/Harris defunding and demonizing of police has resulted in a massive increase in crime throughout the country.

The Biden/Harris open border policy has caused a catastrophic increase in illegal immigrants along with the associated rise in drug and sex trafficking. This policy has also resulted in 265 (and counting) consecutive days of COVID super spreader events at the border.

The Biden COVID mandates have already destroyed more American jobs than any administration in history. Now Biden has directed the US Attorney General to go after parents who want to defend their children's right to a quality education. Although the National Education Association (NEA) wants to impose Critical Race Theory on grade school children there are ways to fight against the Biden/Attorney General/NEA agenda.

First, every state in the country needs to pass an amendment whereby your education tax dollars follow the student not the school district. This will allow parents to send their children to a private school with the tax dollars they have already paid. Second, the passing of this amendment would put the power back where it belongs – in the hands of parents, so if they want to organize a mass exodus from the public schools just to teach the far left NEA a lesson – so be it.

Ken Pazdernik Ellsworth

October 20, 2021