State Rep. Warren Petryk
Wisconsin Blue Books now available

Representing Wisconsin State Assembly District 93

Throughout my years in office, I have received many questions from constituents about a wide variety of topics such as how does the legislative process work, what is our state bird, and about various historical events that took place right here in Wisconsin. I enjoy answering these questions and value the thoughtful discussions that come along with those answers. And one of the things I always appreciate is that these questions deepen one's desire to learn and ask more questions.

Our state is unique and has an exceptional up-to-date resource available for all those who are curious about the function and structure of the local, state and federal levels of government, the history of Wisconsin and other fun facts about our great state. Published biennially since 1853, this year's Wisconsin Blue Book is now available!

The Blue Book is a guide for learning more about Wisconsin's elected officials -from members of the Wisconsin State Legislature to State Executive Officers and Justices on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court. Not only does this resource provide an overview about each of our elected officials, but it also explains the role that each of these individuals play within the three branches of government. From young Wisconsinites who want to learn about the basics of our state government to older individuals who want to learn the ins and outs of our government's structure and function, there is something for everyone to learn in the Blue Book.

This year's publication of the Blue Book also features an article about the state of Wisconsin's first political crisis. During Wisconsin's third gubernatorial inauguration, two governors were sworn in to serve the state at the same time. Curious as to how this happened and how our state handled this situation? If so, check it out in the section labeled 'About Wisconsin' in this year's Blue Book where this remarkable story is told in detail.

Beyond information about elected officials and the structure of Wisconsin's state government, the Blue Book offers an array of fascinating statistics and facts about our state ranging from state symbols to highway mileage in each county. This section offers information that can be useful to know and fun to learn for all Wisconsinites!

The Wisconsin Blue Book is currently available for absolutely no charge. If you are interested in receiving a Blue Book, please reach out to me by phone at (608)-216-0660 or by email at [email protected] Be sure to include your address so my office can get your book to you as soon as possible!

October 20, 2021