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By Dave Beck OUTDOOR TALES AND TRAILS has now officially been around for over 30 years. How crazy is that? Back when I started, I never thought this would turn into a forever job but that’s what it feels like now. Aside from maybe less hair and more pounds, things haven’t changed a whole lot, until now. The winds of change are about to blow in for OTT and the changes will start this week.

The first change is that you can now contact me 24 hours a day, seven days a week through [email protected] .news You can send that email any time, day or night. But honestly, I probably won’t look at it until the next morning. Depending on the time of year, response time on my part will vary. For example, with the upcoming white-tail rut, I could easily fall days or possibly even weeks behind so don’t get discouraged, I’ll get back to you later rather than sooner.

Another change and one that I am still getting my arms around is having an Instagram account. You can find OTT content on Instagram at “thepiercecountyjournal.” I am actually kind of excited about this one in that now we can trade our biggest catches or our best trail camera pictures. We could also use this as a morel mushroom hunting warning system posting those important first morel sightings of the year. Please check it out.

The last change in the OTT makeover is an official OTT Facebook page. This is also going to be an awesome way for us to connect and communicate. This brings video into the mix and I am excited about that. I mean I told you about a 47-inch musky that I caught last summer but would you like to see it hoisted out of the dipnet? Well, on Facebook log onto Outdoor Tales & Trails and see the monster for yourself.

October 27, 2021