Plum City Care Center Chatter

Another Monday, and another singalong. We never seem to tire of the good old oldies. Songs we can sing and even understand the words! Lunch follows and soon the mail is delivered. We enjoy getting cards and letters from our friends and families. It’s fun to show our friends here and we often read them over and over. It wasn’t long and the popcorn machine rolled out and began to chatter with the sound and smells of fresh popped corn. We share with staff and they enjoy sitting and snacking with us when there is time. Bucket Ball was on the agenda before supper and we played five rounds: fourth place, Nancy Bishop; third place, Frances White; second place, Shirley Klinski; and first place champ, Sandy Messier.

On Tuesday we welcomed Father Jojo and Terry Pelzel back. Yay!!! They are now able to come in for church as our semi-quarantine period is over. We certainly have missed them. Father shared mass and communion with us. There was enough time before lunch for a speedy game of Name That Tune. We heard 54 total songs. Winners were: Mary Ellen Coulson (20), Penny Stafford (19), Shirley Klinski (9), and Aileen Wayne (6). All that thinking made us hungry and soon lunch was served. Our baking bunch filled the dining room after lunch and whipped up pumpkin bars. They are always a favorite and smell nearly as good as they taste. As dishes were washed and the dining room cleaned up, Pastor Phil from the Evangelical Free Church arrived and led our weekly worship service. It was nice to have him back. Our evening games were a couple of our favorite dice games. Top winners were Nancy Bishop and Beryl Anderson.

The Wednesday workout gang decided on “Sit Down Dancing” for the morning exercise. Our exercises were completed with kickball. After lunch, Bingo was set up in the dining room and soon everyone began winning quarters and candy. A game of blackout ended bingo with Marlys Amdahl as the big winner. Stacey cleaned up our bingo chips and cards and soon returned with those delicious pumpkin bars, topped off with the creamiest cream cheese frosting! At that point, we didn’t care much if we spoiled our appetites for supper.

Thursday kicked off with coffee, donuts, and reading our local newspapers. What fun it was to have Marlene Zimmer in the building. She read the news and finished up with some great jokes and riddles afterwards. Why did the girl refuse to marry the invisible man? She couldn’t see anything in him. Ha! The afternoon arrived and our ladies gathered in the activity room for manicures. Jessica does such a nice job and the colors from which to choose are beautiful. The evening offered a fun game of pokeno with Alvin Bergmark taking top honors.

Friday means only one thing: Get in the groove or put in your earplugs! Yep, the drums were in fine form as they played Friday morning. We literally are worn out by the time our hour is done. Happy Hour included some delicious pretzel fries with cheese dip. We snacked and smacked our lips in between songs of Rudy Rudesill, our afternoon entertainer. The evening completed our week with a game of “Cover The Number.” Big winners were: Beryl Anderson, Shirley Klinski, and Penny Stafford. Our weekend flew by quickly but there is always room for more visitors. We hope to see you soon!

October 27, 2021