Wendy Peplinski, owner, by the front door of the new 63 Bar & Grill, located south of Ellsworth on U.S. Highway 63. The bar was most recently known as Bendilly’s. Above, The new sign outside of 63 Bar and Grill on Highway 63 brings back memories of how the establishment formerly went by that name many years ago. Photos by Melissa Thorud
63 Bar and Grill: Nostalgic name, new owners

The former Bendilly’s Bar and Grill has officially reopened as the 63 Bar and Grill. After Sept. 1, Prescott couple Wendy and Scott Peplinski renamed and revamped the bar and menus. They are committed to making the restaurant a community staple.

The Peplinskis bought the bar and grill a few weeks ago and the process of reopening has really started to take off.

“I started working here about eight months ago helping the owners and bartending and I got to know everyone really well,” Wendy Peplinksi said.

The new owners are returning the restaurant to its original roots. In the 1940s the bar and grill was originally on the opposite side of the highway and called the 63 Bar and Grill.

“This whole building was across the street and it was called 63 Bar,” said Peplinski. “I used to hear how this was such a hopping place and when I bought it I wanted to give it back to the community.”

The old bar name brings back memories for residents who remember the original bar and restaurant. Peplinski said many customers from the community have come in and shared old memories and have shown emotion from the nostalgia; many are happy to see it return to the original name.

“Since I changed the name back to 63 Bar and Grill, a lot of memories have come up,” she said. “We have had a lot of the prior relatives of the older generations of owners and some of them are very emotional because of all the memories.”

After retiring permanently, Peplinski was looking for something to do. She started bartending at Bendilly’s and got to know the owners and the community really well, and she had a feeling this was where she was supposed to be. When the previous owners felt ready to retire, Peplinski was ready to take over.

“I always had this feeling when I would walk into the building that something needed to happen here and I really loved coming to work and I started asking questions and I saw the potential here and I asked if they were willing to sell,” said Peplinski.

The couple has big visions and goals for the restaurant’s future. Peplinski said she really wants to make this a community- oriented place and add some new and unique features to draw people in.

“I want to bring back some of the events and we have room for a tractor pull and I just want families to be able to come and spend time here,” she said.

The restaurant is located on five acres of land which allows the Peplinskis to utilize that space in the future. Peplinksi says she wants to host more community events like a future tractor pull, bonfires with wood fired pizza and car shows.

The menu features some custom designed meals that flow with the theme of the restaurant. The burgers are all named after motorcycle brands and have unique ingredients, including the “The Harley”, “The Ducati” and “The Boss Hoss.”

“I didn’t want to have the same food that you can get anywhere, and we wanted to incorporate the motorcycle theme because my husband and I enjoy riding,” Peplinski said.

The restaurant also features specials throughout the week, such as burgers on Mondays. They also have bingo each week.

The 63 Bar and Grill is located at N4306 U.S. Highway 63, Ellsworth. They are open 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. every day.

November 3, 2021