Mayor Dan Toland called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at City Hall.

City Council Members Present: Todd Bjerstedt, Nick Carow, Sean Downing, Scott Morrissette, Alyssa Mueller, Diane Odeen, Ben Plunkett

Members Absent: None Staff Present: City Administrator Scot Simpson; City Attorney Chris Gierhart; IT Specialist Jon Smits; Utility Director Kevin Westhuis; Police Chief Gordon Young; City Engineer Crystal Raleigh; Planning and Engineering Technician Tyler Galde; Senior Accountant Sam Hosszu; Management Analyst Fellow Kathryn Paquet; Human Resources Coordinator Jaime Isaac; City Clerk Amy White; Community Development Director Amy Peterson; Public Works Director Mike Stifter; City Planner Emily Shively; Assistant City Administrator Jason Stroud; Economic Development Manager Keri Schreiner

Others Present: several in audience The Pledge of Allegiance was said.


Approval of Minutes – September 28, 2021, Regular Meeting Minutes MSC Morrissette/Downing move to approve minutes. Unanimous.

APPROVAL OF BILLS: Bills: $1,768,743.18

MSC Morrissette/Bjerstedt move to approve bills subject to the Comptroller. Unanimous.


2020 Census Presentation Management Analyst Fellow Kathryn Paquet provided a report on the 2020 census. She talked about the results and methodology. The population result of the census was 16,182 which is up from 15,000 in 2010. Paquet spoke about the response rate, the process for non-responses, and how the UWRF student population was counted. She talked about the possibility the census may have undercounted the City’s population by a small amount. She stood for questions.

Alderperson Odeen thanked Paquet for her work. Alderperson Plunkett asked if she had considered a population age pyramid and also if she was aware of demographic trends of more people living in households since 2010. Paquet had no data those items but offered to look into it and get back to him. There were no other questions.

Redistricting Presentation Planning and Engineering Technician Tyler Galde gave a presentation on redistricting. He talked about the process, parameters, and goals/ challenges. Redistricting happens every 10 years after a census. It accounts for population changes and proper representation for voters. Galde explained the process and how the maps are developed. Ward populations should be between 600-2,100 people. He talked about equalized populations, protection of minority groups, and compactness and contiguity. City staff had four goals during the redistricting process: Aldermanic District 1 would no longer be split between two counties; all on campus university students would vote in one location; minimize the overlap of Aldermanic and Supervisory Districts; keep current alderpersons in their current district. Some challenges that occurred were working with a compressed timeline, considering new and future development, and adhering to census blocks and supervisory district lines.

Galde stood for questions. Plunkett felt staff did a nice job arranging to have university students vote in one location.


Resolution No. 6607 – Approving the Contract for the Comprehensive Plan and Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan Resolution No. 6608 – Appointing Interim Treasurer Resolution Approving a Land Use Agreement with Kinnickinnic River Land Trust pulled by Plunkett

Resolution No. 6609 – Approving Disc Golf Course at Sterling Hills Resolution No. 6610 – Authorizing Urban Forestry Grant Application Resolution No. 6611 – Approving Renewal of Health and Dental Insurance for 2022 Resolution No. 6612 – Approving Licensing Agreement for 707 St. Croix Street Resolution Approving a Purchase Agreement between City of River Falls and Frisbie Properties, LLC pulled by


Resolution Approving the Preparation of a Quit Claim Deed and Transfer of Lot 4 to Best Key Properties, LLC pulled by Plunkett

Resolution Approving the P H U W L H G 6 X U Y H 0 D S I R U The Sycamore of River Falls Senior Housing Development pulled by Plunkett

Alderperson Plunkett originally wanted to pull items 6 and 11 from the Consent Agenda. City Administrator Simpson conferred with City Attorney Gierhart regarding items 11-13. It was decided that the items 1113 should be approved together so items 12 and 13 were also pulled from the Consent Agenda.

MSC Odeen/Carow moved to approve the remainder of the Consent Agenda. Unanimous.

Resolution No. 6613 -Approving a Land Use Agreement with Kinnickinnic River Land Trust Plunkett had questions regarding the contract. He believed there was incorrect language in number 4 about impervious versus pervious materials. He wanted to get it corrected before the City entered into the agreement. Simpson talked about the surface being similar to trails or sidewalks. Plunkett believes that is pervious surface. He doesn’t understand why natural trails would be impervious.

Public Works Director Mike Stifter said the contract should state it is pervious. He noted a couple of other corrections in the contract including a recent change to the owner information which will be updated.

Alderperson Downing asked D E R X W D V S H F L F S U R F H V V I R U signage and maintenance and if it would come back before Council in the future. Stifter said that could be possible but anticipated that staff would take care of it. Assistant City Administrator Stroud said that KLRT would need to approve any signage.

MSC Plunkett/Bjerstedt moved to approve the resolution with corrections noted in contract. Unanimous.

Resolution No. 6614 – Approving a Purchase Agreement between City of River Falls and Frisbie Properties, LLC Resolution No. 6615 – Approving the Preparation of a Quit Claim Deed and Transfer of Lot 4 to Best Key Properties, LLC Resolution No. 6616 – Approv- L Q J W K H P H U W L H G 6 X U Y H 0 D S for The Sycamore of River Falls Senior Housing Development Plunkett had questions regarding the TID outlay. Simpson noted items 11-13 are together on the agenda. He provided information and talked about the City buying properties for the Park Street alignment. He also talked about the property regarding the quick claim.

Simpson spoke about the small land swaps referring to page 153 in the Council packet. City Attorney Gierhart provided further details. The City P D Q D Q F H I U R P D Q R W K H U I X Q G and pay it back. With no other questions, MSC Plunkett/ Bjerstedt moved to approve the resolutions. Unanimous.

ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS: Resolution No. 6617 – Approving Ward and Aldermanic Redistricting Maps MSC Plunkett/Odeen moved to approve the resolution.


Resolution No. 6618 – Approving a Purchase Agreement between City of River Falls and The Marzolf Company, Inc.

MS Downing/Bjerstedt move to approve resolution. Mor- U L V V H W W H Q R W H G K H K D G D F R Q L F W of interest and would be abstaining from the vote. With no further discussion, the Mayor asked for a vote. The motion passed with all voting in favor except for Morrissette who abstained.

REPORTS: Administrator’s Report Simpson noted the last Cookout Conversations of 2021 would be held on October 14.


Proclamation for Manufacturers Month Alderperson Bjerstedt read the Proclamation for Manufacturers Month.

At 7:08 p.m., MSC Bjerstedt/ Morrissette move to adjourn. Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted, Kristi McKahan, Deputy Clerk WNAXLP. 11-4

November 3, 2021