Shirley 'The Mad Hatter' Klinski welcomed everyone to come inside our haunted house!
Plum City Care Center Chatter

Music in the dining room greeted us along with resident smiles ready to sing. We enjoy singing or simply listening to familiar songs which transport us to ties and memories long gone. We remember special events, dances, and even some high school days. Lunch arrived as did the mail and soon everyone was doing a bit of their own thing. That includes visitors, napping and a bit of television. The sound of our sputtering popcorn machine drew us to the dining room for a great time of socializing and snacking. Bucket Ball was on the agenda before supper and we played five rounds: fourth place, Sandy Messier; third place, Alvin Bergmark; second place, Frances White; first place champ, Shirley Klinski.

Tuesday entered with mass and communion served by our own Father Jojo who we have really enjoyed. His friendly smile welcomes us as we gather to worship. There was enough time before lunch for a speedy game of Name That Tune. We listened to a total of 43 songs. Many folks were taking guesses and winners were: Mary Ellen Coulson (13), Barb Smith (10), Aileen Wayne (9). Shirley Klinski (6), Penny Stafford (3) and Irene Converse (2). The afternoon was filled with ooey gooey pumpkin guts as we were up to our elbows (literally) in pumpkin carving! Many of us hadn’t carved pumpkins since we had kids! Jessica had some very cool cookie cutter shapes that we pounded into the pumpkins to make their faces. This worked very slick and our pumpkins were lit up with candles in no time. Sandy Lindstrom played some hymns for us later in the afternoon until supper arrived. Our evening games were a couple of our favorite dice games. Top winners were Alvin Bergmark and Shirley Klinski.

Wednesday morning was the workout crew with “Movers & Shakers.” And we did. After lunch, bingo was set up in the dining room and soon everyone began winning quarters and candy. It was a treat to have Harriet Rothe and Wanda Traynor here to assist with delivering candy rewards. A game of blackout ended bingo with Mary Nelson as the big winner. Many folks stuck around after bingo for pumpkin pie smoothies made by our activity staff. They were yummy and very appropriate for our upcoming Halloween.

Thursday kicked off with coffee, donuts, and reading our local newspapers. Lana Ingli was on hand to read all the news and then shared some great jokes with us. Brad arrived with puppies in tow and we snuggled and cuddled them until he had to go. Some of the ladies chose to have manicures, but once their nails were dry, they also had puppies in their laps. The evening offered a fun game of trivia with Mary Ellen Coulson and Irene Converse taking top honors.

Drumming was first on the agenda Friday morning. Many marches and polkas were part of the hour and everyone was ready to get up and dance! We were treated to an outdoor costume parade during lunch from the dear students at the Ave Maria Academy. We certainly miss those fun times with our local children. After lunch, we were saddened to hear of another positive Covid test from a staff person so our happy hour entertainer had to be canceled. However, Stacey and Laura were ready with costumes for the Halloween party and the “show must go on!” Everyone had choices of costumes and it’s amazing how our seniors play the part of their costume. Everyone laughed as the ghouls and goblins giggled their way into the afternoon. The evening completed our week with a game of “Cover The Number.” Big winner was: Penny Stafford. We are still open for scheduled visitors so don’t be shy. Make your appointment now to visit someone you know. We will even give you a mask if you don’t have one. See you then!

This holy couple (Paul and Carol Bauer) were ready for church it seems. Or was it confession?Photos courtesy of Laura Kadlec

No Halloween party is complete without a mad scientist and here was Sandy (A.K.A. Dr. Frank N. Stein) Messier ready for some lab experiments.

Our Devil in Disguise was Nancy Bishop who simply couldn’t stop laughing!

This vicious vampire is really just a good-natured teddy bear named Ivan Mason.

Alvin Bergmark is talented and can do many tricks. However, we didn’t know he could magically pull a rabbit out of his hat!

November 3, 2021