School district survey  Residents of the school district may soon be receiving a call offering the opportunity to participate in a telephone survey measuring a number of opinions about school district operations._We are once again working with The Morris-Leatherman Company to provide a community-based survey to be delivered to residents. The survey is to be conducted starting the week of Nov. 8 and will be completed prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.__ The survey is very similar to surveys we have conducted in the past._The survey is a scientific-based telephone survey. The Morris Leatherman Company will be calling a number of residents to compile the information needed to provide for a database that represents the district as a whole. The survey will provide valuable information regarding the public’s perception of the district’s current operations, tax tolerance, level of support for referendum models, and preferred means of communication. This survey is a valuable tool for the district to get feedback from the public.

In April 2018, the residents of the school district approved an operational referendum that allows the school district to exceed the state-imposed revenue limit by $1 million per year for four years._This authority now expires at the end of the school year and the district is currently developing another operational referendum for the April 2022 election.

We hope that all residents who receive a phone call for the survey can take the time to go through the process. It is a great avenue for residents to provide feedback about school district operations while also shaping the April 2022 operational referendum. _

November 3, 2021