Frances White chose to enjoy a steaming cup of hot cocoa in the woods!Photos courtesy of Laura Kadlec
Plum City Care Center Chatter

As we gathered in the dining room to start the week with singing, we were thinking that in just five short weeks, we will start the week with Christmas carols. Wow! And it is still in the 50’s right now! So sing we did and then it was on to lunch. New calendars were delivered as November nodded her head in the direction of warm days coming. Our popcorn social popped in the afternoon and everyone stayed put for a fun game of Bucket Ball. After five rounds, the winners were announced: fourth place, Sandy Messier; third place, Frances White; second place, Willie Lindstrom; and first place champ (second week in a row), Shirley Klinski.

Tuesday entered with our music pros for Name That Tune. We listened to a total of 45 songs. Many folks were taking guesses, but the correct winners were: Penny Stafford (17) who tied with Mary Ellen Coulson (17) followed by Shirley Klinski (10). Jeanie Halverson popped in and guessed one too! The afternoon was filled with the bakers who whipped up apple dumplings. This fun recipe is made with Mountain Dew. We popped it in the oven and had just enough time for some fun trivia. Did you know that in 1924, a Ford automobile cost $265? Our evening games included dice games. High rollers were Frances White and Shirley Klinski.

Wednesday morning was exercise time with Sit Down Dancing. Stacey had all of us shaking our sillies out while dancing in our chairs to many old-time tunes. After lunch, Bingo was set up in the dining room and soon everyone began winning quarters and candy. A game of blackout ended bingo with Marlys Amdahl as the big winner. The afternoon ended with an apple dumpling social. The baking bunch outdid themselves with these delicious treats.

News was read Thursday morning with coffee and donuts joining in on the fun. We enjoyed hearing Stacey read to us and we shared some “news” and stories of our own. She also shared some riddles after the news and we found our giggle buttons. Why don’t centipedes play football? By the time they get their shoes on, the game is over! Our afternoon was a nice time for our ladies, some have manicures, some have their jewelry cleaned and others just stop by to chat a while. The evening offered a fun game of pokeno with Irene Converse and Beryl Anderson taking top honors.

Friday morning is announced with the sound of beating drums. Very. Loud. Drums. And lots of fun. We played some 60s hits and it was almost as fun to guess the song titles as it was to play them. After lunch, the dining room was transformed into a beautiful fall, wooded trail, complete with leaves from the backyard, and wood to cut. Everyone had fun pretending to roast marshmallows, chopping wood, and stroll through the woods. The afternoon was topped off with ice cream treats. The evening started our fall and winter Friday night movies. As we watched “Ratatouille” on the big screen, Stacey treated us to popcorn, soda, and candy, just like a real movie theater. We hope this finds you healthy and happy. It would make us very happy to have you visit us soon!

Beryl Anderson took time to give us a wave while chopping wood on Friday, Nov. 5.

Warming himself by the fire, we found Ray Burg toasting marshmallows on Friday,

After a long hike through the woods, Sandy Messier put her feet up with a beer!

Alvin Bergmark couldn’t wait for the marshmallows to be toasted.

November 10, 2021