Spring Valley Village Board OKs tax levy, mill rates

SPRING VALLEY – At the Wednesday, Nov. 3 Spring Valley Village Board meeting, the board approved the 2022 budget, held public hearings and outlined the new tax levy and mill rates.

The two public hearings held at the beginning of the meeting addressed the 2022 budget that was later approved during the meeting and the vacating of South Second Street near the old elementary school demolition site. During both public hearings there were very few public comments and no one contested the content within the hearings.

These two items were immediately approved after the hearings. Then the board discussed and approved the levy and mill rate limits for Pierce and St. Croix counties’ portion of the village for 2022. Pierce County’s limit was set to $548,526.38 which brought the mill rate to .00796 and the St. Croix County limit came out to be $10,239.62 with a mill rate of .007965. This is an increase from last year’s mill rates, which were .00663. According to Clerk Luann Emerson, this means an increase in the village portion of property taxes of $133.48 on a $100,000 property. The total local levy on an assessed value of $100,000 will be $796.55.

The board appointed Beth Deutsch a resident-at-large member on the Municipal Development Committee. The committee was looking for a community member for this position and Deutsch was willing to take the spot.

The board also addressed some Spring Valley Health and Rehab Center updates; the facility is prepared to accept applications for residents now that staffing issues have been resolved.

“The staffing has improved enough that we can review applications for admission, so we are still seeking staff but we are at a point where the issue is resolving,” said Village President Marsha Brunkhorst.

The health care facility is also holding an event on Veterans Day for residents with a flag ceremony. This will be an inperson as well as streamed for the facility residents.

Public Works updates were discussed by Greg Adams from Cedar Corporation and Trustee Andrew Vorlicek, which included pay requests for some of the recent road construction work and other current projects.

“An update on Eau Galle is getting buttoned up and the contract will be open until June 22 and we can deal with any minor things we need to touch up in the spring,” said Adams.

Police Chief Sharon Verges gave her monthly report during the meeting as well. Officer Dulcie Lillie from Spring Valley was awarded First Responder of the Year.

“Officer Lillie was awarded the First Responder of the Year award for a couple of her life saving incidents that happened during August and September so that was awesome, not only for our department but for this community,” said Chief Verges.

The next village board meeting will be held Wednesday, Dec. 1.

November 10, 2021