Mindful Fork brings unique meals to you

RIVER FALLS – The meal prep business Mindful Fork and accompanying catering business Two Broke Chefs have been operating for about a year and have gained more popularity over the past few months. The business is women-owned and operated and aims to create healthy meal prep options.

Professional chefs Angie Larson and Stephanie Rauzi are using their passion and skills to create healthy meal prep options for the community.

Almost all of the food is sourced locally and the women utilize local farmers to make each recipe.

“We like to be very conscious about sourcing our ingredients out as locally and as seasonally as possible,” said Larson.

Both chefs have extensive backgrounds in the field. Larson used to teach cooking classes and that is where the idea for meal prepping came from. People requested meals from her and she ran it; she then collaborated with Rauzi and started what is now Mindful Fork.

The two women come up with new menus regularly and each week there is an order deadline. There are a variety of options to choose from that can be changed to accommodate dietary wants and needs. The meals are then delivered or brought to a pick-up location each Wednesday.

The foods are also mostly organic and the ingredients are high quality and nutrient focused. “Mindful Fork is where we have healthy individual meals and it is sustainable locally bought produce, locally bought meat, no gluten, no dairy and limited soy,” said Larson.

Outside of the meal prep, the two women also cater events and under the name Two Broke Chefs. They like to have the balance of the healthy meal prep as well as the fun and unique catering food.

“The Two Broke Chefs' catering comes from our more fun and creative side,” said Larson.

When planning the menus, they like to make many of the options gluten free and dairy free. Some of the items have been made to be specifically vegan. Rauzi is originally a pastry chef.

“I have made cookies and other treats,” Rauzi said. “I’m trying to get them just right so that you cannot tell much of a difference between my vegan cookies and cookies that use dairy products,” said Rauzi.

After doing this for about a year, they want to continue to grow and change with community needs. They will soon have a space in the St. Croix Business Innovation Center in River Falls that will have a kitchen available to them at any time.

All of the menus can be customized to fit individual needs.

“We have a lot of people with allergies or food sensitivities who will request specific ingredients to be taken out and that is the focus that we take, but it is still full of flavor and it is still chef created,” said Rauzi.

They are also looking into broadening their products for people in the community, such as meal prep for college students and more new recipes and options to choose from. For the holiday season they will feature specials; this Thanksgiving they are offering large meals that can be ordered.

To order, visit their website and all of their information and new menus are posted on their Facebook page at Mindful Fork Meal Prep.

One of the meal spreads during a catering event made by Angie Larson and Stephanie Rauzi. Photo courtesy of Angie Larson

Stephanie Rauzi (left) and Angie Larson (right) the two masterminds behind Mindful Fork Meal Prep and Catering. Photo courtesy of Angie Larson

November 16, 2021