Plum City Care Center Chatter

Activities Director & Music Therapist

As music transcends time and place, we are often transported to better times and better places on Monday mornings. We look forward to these times of singing and reliving memories. Lunch was served and Stacey soon popped in and out of rooms with mail and newspapers. We found her later in the dining room with full bowls of delicious popcorn for everyone. After snacking, everyone had time for a good game of Bucket ball. After five rounds, the winners were announced: Fourth place, Nancy Bishop; third place, Frances White; second place, Alvin Bergmark; first place champ (THIRD week in a row), Shirley Klinski. Our evening was filled with fruit and candy for Fruit Bingo.

Tuesday Tuners (as in Name That Tune) were ready and waiting to be the first to guess the name of each melody played on the piano. Laura played a total of 56 songs, starting some in the middle making it more difficult to guess! Winners with the correct guesses were: Mary Ellen Coulson (19), Penny Stafford (18), followed by Shirley Klinski (15). Barb Smith joined us at the end but still jumped in with five good guesses. The baking bunch found their way into the dining room to bake crazy cupcakes and frosted them with all kind of sprinkles on top. Our evening games included dice games. High rollers were Penny Stafford and Beryl Anderson.

Wednesday’s workout was Movers & Shakers. We even had enough energy to do our workout twice! We then followed up with kickball and appetites were ready for lunch. Bingo was set up in the afternoon. A game of black out ended bingo with Alvin Bergmark as the big winner. After cleaning up the bingo chips and cards, we enjoyed celebrating National Vanilla Cupcakes Day with the treats made by our bakers the day before. Our cupcakes were not only delicious but cute as well.

News was read Thursday morning with coffee and donuts joining in on the fun. We enjoyed hearing Laura read to us and we shared some “news” and stories of our own. Our afternoon was a nice time for our ladies. There were manicures all around and just before supper, a time of guessing trivia. Did you realize that Wisconsin produces more than half of the world’s cranberries? We are not too old to learn new things! The evening offered a fun game of bean bags. It was an extremely close game with the top winners being within one point of each other: Fourth place, Alvin Bergmark; third place, Frances White; second place, Sandy Messier; and first place champ, Penny Stafford.

Who would have guessed that an 80-something-year-old would pick up drum playing? Most likely, none of our residents ever guessed they would. However, we have at least 10 of them. And they love doing it. Not only does it lift their spirits with the music, it is almost an exercise program for some of them! Lunch was served, mail delivered, and soon the dining room morphed into an enchanted forest with fairies, gnomes, trolls and even a few Keebler elves with cookies. Our happy hour theme was “There’s No Place Like Gnome.” Everyone had a superb time dressing up and watching as others were dressed as either gnomes or fairies. The evening continued the fun with our Friday night movies. This week we watched “The Apple Dumpling Gang” on the big screen while Stacey treated us to popcorn, soda, and candy, just like a real movie theater. These short days of daylight can be lonely in the darkness but a visit from you always cheers us up! See you soon!

Penny Stafford was ever so busy delivering fairy dust to all of us during the “No Place Like Gnome” happy hour on Friday, Nov. 12.

We found Mary the Gnome Nelson busy in the garden with the elves on Friday, Nov. 12 during happy hour.

Sharon Gingras didn’t miss the opportunity for a photo op with J. Henry when it came to being a gnome! Looks like a Christmas card to us!

What a lovely fairy is Monie Van! The Plum City Care Center and The Seasons happy hour theme was “No Place Like Gnome” on Nov. 12.

Someone kidnapped Paul and Carol Bauer as these two goofy gnomes were found hiding in their room!

Photos courtesy of Laura Kadlec

November 16, 2021