Siren Photo & Floral opens in Ellsworth

ELLSWORTH – A new photography and floral arrangement business recently opened on Main Street in Ellsworth. The business has been operating out of Baldwin for the past year and due to business needs has moved into a larger studio.

Carley Sweeney started her photography business, Siren Photo and Floral, out of her Baldwin home. When taking all of her photos and taking care of inquiries in her living space, she decided it was time to separate her business and home life by opening up a new studio.

The studio officially opened in September of this year and the name Siren comes from the inspiration she gets from her daughter.

On her business Facebook page she wrote, “The short answer of where the name came from is this little beauty right here. My daughter Loralei! In German folklore Loralei was a beautiful siren or mermaid. She is my constant inspiration and also loves posing for photos in Mommy's studio.”

Sweeney started out in her photography career doing newborn photography, in which she worked closely with her mentor and learned and refined her skills.

“I started with an apprenticeship in newborn photography and that’s kind of how I got into it and I started when my daughter was born, and then eventually it just got too crowded functioning out of our home,” Sweeney said.

Starting her own photography business in western Wisconsin was not in Sweeney's plans, but after the pandemic began the family moved to Baldwin.

“We’re originally from Minnesota and we were going to move to Las Vegas, but then the pandemic happened and we ended up here and it has really been a blessing,” said Sweeney.

After deciding to look for a new studio space, the current Ellsworth location sparked her interest at the perfect time.

“We were looking for studios here and there but nothing was really sparking our interest and I actually came here to buy newborn props and the woman who had the space before me said she was moving out and it really felt like it was meant to be,” she said.

Sweeney specializes in newborn and family photography, but also does weddings and a variety of other services. She also makes floral bouquets and designs for events such as weddings.

“I love doing newborn photography. It's definitely one of my specialties. I also do a lot of family portraits as well but working with the babies is always so fun,” she said.

She is very thankful for the support from her family.

“When my daughter was born, I realized I didn’t want to work a nine to five job and I didn’t want to put her in daycare five days a week and I wanted to be able to spend my time with her when I could, so I wanted to find a way to be all together as a family as well as see each other and I’m lucky to have them help me out with everything.” said Sweeney.

She also acknowledged how important it is to believe in your own abilities.

“If someone is hesitant to go into this field, the number one thing I would say is how important it is to invest in yourself and invest in your business and it can be really worth it,” Sweeney said.

To book a time with Sweeney, she is available by phone at 715-688-9955 or email at [email protected] To see some of Sweeney’s work, visit Siren Photo and Floral on Facebook and Instagram.

Carley, Josh and Loralei Sweeney outside the new photo studio located on Main Street in Ellsworth. Siren Photo & Floral’s name is inspired by Loralei, whose name in German folklore represents sirens or mermaids. Photo by Melissa Thorud

November 16, 2021