SV Health & Rehab sees hope after challenges

Staffing levels allowing for new applicants

SPRING VALLEY – The Spring Valley Health Care and Rehabilitation Center (SVHCC) has faced some challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel and overcoming these obstacles each day.

The facility is currently owned by the Village of Spring Valley and has undergone some changes, especially after the global pandemic that threatened health facilities like this one.

“As some of the COVID-19 restrictions have lifted, we are appreciating the little things we may have taken for granted prior to the pandemic,” said SVHCC Marketing Consultant Sierra Hawkins.

According to a survey from the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living, the staffing crisis in health facilities has worsened on a national level during 2021. The survey, published in September of this year, stated, “86% of nursing homes and 77% of assisted living providers said their workforce situation has gotten worse over the last three months.”

The health care facility representatives stated, “COVID-19 for staff in all of healthcare has been draining. For most, it has probably been some of the most difficult times in their working careers. Every day is a new challenge.”

During the pandemic, SVHCC has been able to keep COVID-19 out; no residents have tested positive for the virus so far.

“We continue to require masking for all staff and visitors,” Hawkins said. “We are proud to say none of our residents have been ill with COVID-19.“ The staff and facility continue to take the required precautions to keep everyone employed and living in the facility safe.

“Recommended practices are utilized to assure continued safety of our residents and staff. We are proud of the diligence of our staff to keep COVID-19 at bay for our residents, including reaching a major milestone for having a COVID-19 staff vaccination of 75% or higher!” said facility representatives.

Staffing has been an issue for the facility in years prior to the pandemic; however, throughout the duration of the pandemic the issue was exacerbated.

“Staffing for long-term care has been challenging for the last few years. However, COVID-19 has made recruitment in every department even more difficult,” said the facility’s representatives.

Now that restrictions have slowly lifted, residents are able to see family and loved ones again and are able to interact with each other.

“Everyone involved was relieved when inperson visiting resumed. The residents are enjoying activities making crafts and gathering at the table during meal times, having conversations again. It has been such a joy seeing smiling faces and hearing laughter,” said Hawkins.

The facility is thankful for all the support that the community has given and grateful for the staff who has worked through a difficult time during the past two years.

“We cannot express enough our appreciation for the support our community has given us during this time. We ask to continue to have patience in instances when we have limitations in providing services and admissions due to staffing shortages,” said facility representatives.

After overcoming some obstacles during the pandemic, the facility has been able to open up applications for residency again. Representatives said, “Our number one priority will continue to be ensuring the safety of our staff while providing the highest level of care to our residents.”

November 16, 2021