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LETTERS to the Editor

Approve the Line 5 reroute

To the editor:

According to AAA, the national average for gas has increased from $1.31 per gallon to over $3.40 a gallon in just the last year. While the talking heads on TV are blaming a lot of factors, one thing everyone seems to agree on is a lack of supply is driving up fuel prices. That’s why I’m having a really hard time understanding why some right here in Wisconsin are calling for us to abandon safe and efficient methods of moving oil and gas and are trying to make life even harder for so many Wisconsin families.

Just to our north in Bayfield, Ashland and Iron counties, a pipeline that moves the raw products needed to fuel our vehicles and heat our homes is in the process of being rerouted at the request of a Wisconsin tribe. The Enbridge Line 5 relocation would move a 12-mile section of pipeline onto new lands where all the landowners support the project. The relocation would ensure that more than 500,000 barrels of oil and natural gas liquids are not removed from the energy supply chain each day, which would undoubtedly force our fuel prices even higher.

Wisconsin families are suffering with increased prices in housing, food, clothing, and lots of other necessities we need to live our lives. State regulators in Madison need to quickly approve the Line 5 reroute to ensure our state doesn’t see even more massive hikes in our gas and heating bills.

Stephanie Brown River Falls

Help filll an important need: substitute staff

To the editor:

Puzzles have been a popular activity for many during this past year, providing some quality together time during this unprecedented time. As our world continues adapting and adjusting to a new “normal,” puzzles have become a part of the daily challenge facing our school district. Each day the School District of River Falls is faced with the challenge of how to fill the important puzzle pieces of work that still exist but remain unfilled due to a shortage of substitute staff. I fully acknowledge that this challenge is not unique to the education world. In October, 179 substitute paraprofessional and teacher absences went unfilled in our school district. This equates to nearly nine unfilled absences each day for teaching staff alone. Our important work of educating students continues, and on a daily basis our hardworking staff goes above and beyond to help fill our puzzle piece gaps. To cover sub shortages, SDRF staff often arrive early, stay late, work through prep time, and take on additional responsibilities. This occurs in ALL areas: bus drivers, custodians, teachers, food service, and more. This is not an ideal scenario, but is an example of the commitment our staff has to ensure student needs are met. We are grateful for these efforts, yet we need your help! Please consider joining the SDRF team as a substitute.

What do substitutes do? The responsibilities of substitute employees are diverse and rewarding. Substitutes ensure that students are transported safely to and from school, supervise students in playgrounds and lunchrooms, provide vital special education services, and allow learning to continue even if a regular classroom teacher is absent. Our school district can’t run efficiently and effectively without these important employees. We are fortunate to have a substitute workforce with considerable experience and talent, but we need more help. We’d love to talk with you about the opportunity and easy process to join our team as a substitute teacher, paraprofessional, secretary, health aide, custodian, or bus driver. To learn more about these positions, including how we can support a seamless process for licensing or training requirements, please contact Jenny Karras, Human Resources Administrative Assistant, or me, David Bell, Director of Human Resources (715-425-1800).

Thank you to the substitute teachers and support staff who provide a critical service in the School District of River Falls every single day. Please consider joining our team as a substitute, and make a difference in the lives of our students and community, and help us work towards our goal of filling in more pieces in our daily puzzle. We need you!

David Bell Director of Human Resources and Leadership Development River Falls School District

November 16, 2021