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If you are from Wisconsin and you are a deer hunter, this is your time to shine. Saturday is the start of the of the 2021 Deer Gun Season. In the fall, green and gold are the colors that that we sport but starting this weekend, orange is king. It is the color that tells everyone who we are and what we are up to.

As I slowly gather my gear for the upcoming season, I am always curious as to what my chances are. What are the odds that I will bag a buck, or for that matter, any deer? Well, the internet has all the answers and anything you read online is always right, right?!

Here’s what I found on the official Wisconsin DNR website so if the numbers don’t seem right, give those folks a call.

The first thing you need to know is what you’re up against as far as competition. You see, there will be a little more than 500,000 of our orange clad brothers and sisters who are also chasing that elusive “Thurdy Point Buck.” For scale, that means the number of hunters could fill Lambeau Field for almost every home game this year. For further scale, typically only Texas and Pennsylvania boast more hunters than Wisconsin.

What about our chances of bagging a deer? Well, that‘s pretty easy because history tells us that about 200,000 deer will be harvested this year. Now I wasn’t asked to give a speech on my graduation day, but quick math tells me that 40% of us are going to bag a deer. To be more specific, 23% of hunters will bag an antlerless deer, or a doe. That’s not bad odds when you consider the deer gun season is arguably more of a game of chance than say, the archery season.

Yes, I’m getting to the buck metrics but before I do that, I want to remind you that I took minor liberties and rounded up or down for easy figuring. Roughly 17% of hunters will harvest an antlered buck. So, if you have five members in your hunting party – one of the hunters will bring home horns this year. But here’s how I look at those numbers and to help illustrate my point, I’ll use my family to explain. My dad will bag a doe. My brothers Tuna, Garret and Whammer will be in the background of the photo, standing behind me and my buck.

Good luck to all and have a great, safe season.

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Wisconsin’s gun deer season opens Saturday. Photo courtesy of Wisconsin DNR

November 16, 2021