A 6-pointer for a 6-yearold

Our 6-year-old, Kora O’Connell has been sitting with her dad in bow stands since she was two years old. She has always seemed to enjoy the simple things in life, like watching wildlife and absorbing the peace of nature (although appreciating intermittent distractions like snacks and games on the tablet. I mean, she is a kid after all, not a retired old grumpa, haha.

She’s been asking daddy (Kerry O’Connell) for years when she’ll be old enough to hunt herself.

“Maybe next year Kora, maybe next year,” Daddy said.

Well, 2021 turned out to be the year!! Daddy and Kora spent months researching and shopping for the perfect crossbow. I wasn’t positive how excited I was at the idea of purchasing a lethal weapon for my 6-year-old, but completely trusted my husband to teach her proper safety and handling as well as, of course, always being a meticulous supervisor of the weapon handling department!

The day came where they agreed on the perfect crossbow and placed the order online. She was so excited! She waited for that thing to come every single day. First order of business after arriving home was always to search the porch for packages. Days went by and to her disappointment, no big packages were found.

But patience is valuable and all of that disappointment disappeared one day when the large package was discovered on the front step!

She was so excited when she found the box just sitting at the doorstep! She insisted on opening it immediately and despite my direction to wait for her dad, she decided she better try to tear it open just a bit, just to confirm it was indeed the correct apparatus. Well, I stopped her from her desperate attempts of independence and apparently had the audacity to insist she wait for her dad to get home to help open and assemble the weapon. She was devastated, but complied.

It seemed to take forever but eventually Daddy came home from work and the unboxing began. They worked on that thing every evening that week, making sure it was assembled perfectly!

When it was finally completed, she could hardly contain her joy! Daddy reminded her again of all the very important safety rules of weapons and hunting and she demonstrated her understanding of the importance of safety.

It was finally time for her to give it a shot (literally).

Bullseye on the first release! You kidding me?

I mean, her aim has always been dead on when playing those water gun games at the fair. She always leaves me in the dust racing those darn ducks. But anyway, this was crazy impressive!

First shot she nailed it.

She continued to practice her shot with Daddy for weeks, somehow not losing a single arrow to the wilderness!


Six-year-old Kora O'Connell, town of Trimbelle, proudly shows off her first deer, a six-point buck shot with her own crossbow. Photo courtesy of Ashley O'Connell It was nally time for her to give it a shot (literally).

Bullseye on the rst release!

You kidding me?

November 23, 2021