Jail Log


Monday, Nov. 15 Kraig Duncan Kirby, 30, St. Paul, domestic disorderly conduct (two counts), domestic battery (two counts).

Riley Wayne Kahl, 24, Hammond, by SCSO, arrest, sentenced (serving 220 days).

Marquis D.C. Keys, 30, Milwaukee, by SCSO, warrant.

Ryan Douglas Wetteland,

34, Minneapolis, by SCSO, warrant.

Gregory William Hogan,

51, New Richmond, by SCSO, probation hold

Nicole Katherine Hanson,

23, Menomonie, by SCSO, operating while revoked (two counts).

Cassandra Lynn Mc-Carty, 34, New Richmond, by SCSO, warrant.

Gregory Scott Burke, 52, Hudson, by SCSO, sentenced, serving 120 days.

Tuesday, Nov. 16 Kenneth Manuel Knick, 54, West St. Paul, Minn., by SCSO, probation violation.

Rita Lynn Kahler, 56, New Richmond, by SCSO, sentenced, serving 21 days.

Wednesday, Nov. 17 Erin K. Coffin, 36, Roberts, by Roberts police, physical abuse of a child – intentionally cause harm, domestic disorderly conduct.

Hugo Vacacela Sarango,

27, Hudson, by New Richmond police, misdemeanor bail jumping, operate without valid license (third), warrant.

Kyle Michael Moe, 26, Byron, Minn., by SCSO, sentenced, serving eight days.

Kevin Leonard Greaser,

43, River Falls, by SCSO, warrant.

Andre Ashanta Doby, 27, New Richmond, by NR police, operate without valid license (third), misdemeanor bail jumping.

William Douglas Lee, 43, Hudson, by SCSO, operating while revoked.

Francisco Miclescu, 18, Anaheim, Calif., by Hudson police, theft – false representation > $5,000 to $10,000, fraud against financial institution as a party to a crime, misappropriate ID info – obtain money.

Shawn Issac Faughn Jr.,

20, New Richmond, by NR police, operating while revoked, ignition interlock device tampering.

Mary Jean Nelson, 31, New Richmond, by NR police, misdemeanor bail jumping, operating while revoked.

Duane Allen Glendenning,

43, Menomonie, by DUSO, miscellaneous information.

Thursday, Nov. 18 Kevin Matthew Robinson,

33, Deer Park, by SCSO, possession of methamphetamine, criminal trespass to dwelling.

Alison Mae Kastens, 31, Deer Park, by SCSO, possession of THC (second+ offense, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of methamphetamine, warrant, criminal trespass to dwelling.

Richard Allen Doyle, 60, Las Vegas, Nev., by Wisconsin State Patrol, OWI-fourth.

Mark Travis Murphy, 44, Houlton, by SCSO, contempt warrant, theft – business setting.

Adam Hunter Pattishall,

21, St. Paul, by SSCO, theft – movable property > $10,000, take and drive vehicle without consent.

Jason Taylor Merschdorf,

25, Baldwin, by SCSO, domestic disorderly conduct.

Samantha Anne Ohmann,

30, River Falls, by SCSO, domestic disorderly conduct.

William Robert Webber,

38, Roberts, by SCSO, domestic disorderly conduct.

Kalli May Maxey, 34, New Richmond, by SCSO, possession of THC, possession of narcotic drugs, misdemeanor bail jumping, possess drug paraphernalia, possession of cocaine/coca (second).

Michael Joseph Kammerer, 48, New Richmond, by SCSO, substantial battery – intend bodily harm, disorderly


Carter Ross Anderson, 25, Minneapolis, by SCSO, theft – movable property > $10,000.

Jorge L. Vazquez, 36, New Richmond, by SCSO, misdemeanor bail jumping, domestic disorderly conduct.

Jonathan Charles Kern,

43, Rochester, Minn., by SCSO, sentenced, serving 300 days.

Christopher Willbanks,

42, address not listed, domestic disorderly conduct, probation violation.

Friday, Nov. 19 Samuel Richard Skatrud, 30, New Richmond, by NR police, OWI-second.

Thomas James Klund, 74, Wilson, by SCSO, OWI-third.

James Dietz Lauck, 41, Tomah, by SCSO, SCSO hold.

Blaine Donald Crawford,

61, address not listed, by NR police, warrant.

Clinton Michael Manuell,

23, Menomonie, by SCSO, warrants.

Saturday, Nov. 20 Eduardo Rodriguez, 21, Somerset, by SCSO, warrant.

Cheyenne G. Wilson, 20, address not listed, by SCSO, OWI-first.

Nathan Charles Johnson,

30, Amery, by SCSO, failure to appear – warrant, Polk County hold, Chippewa County hold.

Jesse Donald McLeod, 39, St. Paul Park, Minn., by SCSO, warrant.

Jessica Johnston Wilhelm,

35, address not listed, by SCSO, warrant.

Donovan Dimitrius Harrell, 30, Hudson, by Hudson police, domestic disorderly conduct.

Sunday, Nov. 21 Anthony John Eide, 31, Hudson, by SCSO, warrant, misdemeanor bail jumping.

Kurt Eugene Shaleen, 45, Roberts, by SCSO, disorderly conduct.

Noah Wesley Garland, 34, Hudson, by SCSO, probation hold, burglary – building or dwelling, theft – movable property > $10,000.

Sunday, Nov. 22 Jesse R. Smith, 41, address not listed, OWI-first, resist/obstruct cause injury (two counts), vehicle operator flee/elude officer.

November 23, 2021