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She was ecstatic to read her very own name on her first ever deer tag. She’s officially legal!

She spent hours this fall sitting with daddy in enclosed stands he has scattered around the countryside. I would often get pictures of her in the stands napping, reading books, watching movies, just staring out at her peaceful surroundings, taking everything in. She always impresses her dad with how still and quiet she can be. She has a lot of patience for a first grader … when she wants to anyway.

They saw quite a few deer during their sits. They would watch and wait, hoping the deer would move into just the right position so Kora could take her shot. But the darkness would eventually fall, and the deer would disappear from sight, and they would have to quietly hike back to the truck, together in the dark of the night, with only the moon and starts to light their way. She sometimes tells me this is her favorite part of the hunt. (Good for her though because I am TERRIFIED of the dark, especially out in the woods where all the animals and critters and creepy things live. Nope. Not for me.)

Sunday, Nov. 7 she decided to forgo the hunt and stay home to watch the Packer game. After a long, busy weekend, Daddy decided to do the same.

They both soon regretted their decision. Not only because of the performance on the field, but because up kept popping pictures of deer on Daddy’s phone from a trail cam near one of the stands. Well at least they know deer still exist in the area.

Kora didn’t want to miss her opportunity again and begged to go out the next evening.

She asked Daddy to pick her up immediately after school so she could get a few hours of hunting in before the early sunset!

He agreed (of course) and they were in the stand by 3:30!

At 4:50 p.m. I got a text from my husband. “Kora just got a little buck!” It was followed by an adorable picture of the happiest little girl, all dressed in camo, holding up the bloody head of a dead deer. All. Smiles.

That’s our girl. A 6-pointer for the 6-year-old. Her first deer ever. Although I don’t hunt myself, man it feels good to live in Wisconsin!

May the rest of you have a happy, safe, and successful hunting season! Cheers!

The O’Connells live in the town of Trimbelle. Kora goes to Prescott schools.

November 23, 2021