Cast & crew

Charlie: Mark Mastalir, an aging stationmaster

Jeremy: Todd Sauve, stationmaster Travelers:

Neil: Jon Erickson, an art student Irving: Derek Huebel, wants to be a writer Violet: Ann Turner, extremely energetic senior citizen

Trudy: Chris Fitzjarrell, Violet’s sister Anne: Sydney Traynor, teacher George: Frank Ginther, abusive husband Sarah: Trista Falde, George’s pregnant wife Children: John: Parker Peabody, leader of the kids who plays Joseph

Kathryn: Gwen Yonke, older girl who plays an angel

Elizabeth: Grace Hurlburt, who plays Mary Wally: Greyson Vorlicek, who plays a shepherd

Helen: Lilly Morgan, who plays a shepherd Mabel: Alyssa Hamater, who plays a wiseman

Francis: Ezra Sauve, who plays a wiseman Crew:

Directors: Mary Anderson, Elizabeth (Liz) Erickson

Sound: Ann Turner

Set artist: Jay Anderson Set and props construction: Wyatt, Finn and Ian Anderson, Don Haack, Jack Erickson

Lights: Gary Lukes, Mat Summers Sound: Ellen Rominski Publicity: Lori Peterson, Ann Turner Costumes: Mary Anderson, Liz Erickson and cast

Backstage: Cast parents

November 30, 2021