2021 Nine-Day Gun Deer Harvest Totals Released

Last week the DNR released harvest totals for the 2021 nine-day gun deer hunt. Preliminary figures indicate that hunters registered 175,667 deer during the 2021 nine-day gun hunt includ – ing 84,952 antlered and 90,715 antlerless deer. Since the opening of the archery and cross bow seasons on September 18, hunters have registered 270,046 deer statewide, showing the growing influence of earlier seasons on cumulative harvests. Compared to 2020, the total statewide firearm deer harvest was down 7.9 percent, with buck harvest down 1.3 percent and antlerless harvest down 13.2 percent.

The Northern Forest management zone showed harvest increases from 2020 for both antlered and antlerless kills, while the other three zones showed declines in harvest. The Central Forest down 3 percent and Central Farmland down 8.9 percent had similar declines in total harvest from 2020 levels, while the Southern Farmland showed a larger decline in total harvest of 17 percent.

Looking at harvest numbers locally, Chippewa County registered a total of 3,674 firearm harvested deer; 1,646 antlered and 2,028 antlerless. Chippewa County's Farmland Deer Zone showed an 8.5 percent decrease in antlerless harvest and a 1.7 percent increase in antlered har – vest compared to last year, leaving a total harvest decrease of 4.5 percent. Chippewa County's Northern Forest Deer Zone showed a 16 percent increase in antlered harvest and 4.1 percent increase in antlerless harvest leaving a total harvest increase of 10.2 percent. Including both zones, Chippewa County's 2021 firearm deer harvest showed a 1 percent decrease compared to the 2020 firearm season harvest.

Eau Claire County registered a total of 2,135 firearm season deer; 975 antlered bucks and 1,160 antlerless. The county's Central Farmland Zone indicated a total harvest decrease of 13 percent while the Central Forest Region showed a 22.5 percent increase. According to local DNR officials, the Eau Claire County Forest south of the Stanley area indicated a total harvest of 3.5 deer per square mile. Taylor County registered a total harvest of 3,203 firearm season deer; 1,544 antlered bucks and 1,659 antlerless deer. The county's antlered deer harvest was 11.4 percent higher than last year; however the antlerless harvest showed a 10.7 percent decrease from last year. Overall, the county's deer harvest indicated a 1.3 percent decrease. Neighboring Clark County registered a total of 5,527 firearm season deer; 2,368 antlered deer and 3,159 antlerless deer. The county's Farmland Region showed a 5.2 percent decrease in antlered deer harvest and a 1 percent decrease in antlerless harvest. The county's Central Forest Region showed a 0.5 percent decrease in antlered deer harvest and a 9.4 percent decrease in antlerless harvest. Overall, Clark County's gun deer season harvest numbers indicated a 10.3 percent decline from the previous 2020 gun deer season.

With the muzzleloader season ending this week and the current four day antlerless season tak – ing place along with other extended seasons such as the upcoming Holiday Deer Hunt in certain counties, the cumulative statewide deer harvest will probably pass the 300,000 mark.

Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey Remains Open Throughout Remaining Seasons

The DNR is encouraging people to participate in the Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey which will remain available until all deer seasons have ended. Wildlife managers ask that hunters submit a report of what they observed during their time in the field. This survey helps provide valuable information and data to improve population estimates for Wisconsin's deer herd and other spe – cies such as turkeys, ruffed grouse, coyotes, foxes, wolves, bear and a number of other species. To participate, go to the DNR website and look for Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey.

Bear and Spring Turkey Season Permits

Just a reminder that the application deadline for 2022 bear and spring turkey permits are due Friday, December 10, 2021.

Dumpster for Deer Carcass Disposal

Recognition and KUDOS goes to the Stanley Sportsman's Club for again sponsoring a dump –

ster for deer carcass disposal throughout the 2021 gun deer season. Also, thank you to the Stan – ley Express Mart for allowing the club a location for placing the dumpster. As a service to the community, the Stanley Sportsman's Club has been sponsoring a dumpster for deer carcass disposal for the past twelve years. Due to high usage and warmer weather con – ditions, the club had to remove this year's dumpster earlier than anticipated. It was noticed and reported that certain individuals disposed of deer carnage and materials on the ground after the dumpster was removed. This type of activity shows a lack of respect and a lack of common sense. As a result, next year there may be added restrictions on how these services will be provided.

December 8, 2021