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Grandpa Wally loved three things in life: Deer hunting, fishing, and deer hunting. I own one of his trusty shotguns and these lures complete my sentimental treasures.

Uncle Frank had the best story of all and if this was a contest, he would win hands down. In his own words, here is his response.

“I was 6. Mom tells me we had no money; Dad goes to town the afternoon of the 24th. On Christmas morn, after chores and church, we each get a present and my brother Andy and I share a double barrel toy shotgun that shoots darts at a wind-up toy rabbit that goes in circles. A sign of things to come. Thanks Dad.”

Here is Uncle Frank’s all-time favorite gift (see above). I searched online to find this vintage toy so I could give it to him for Christmas. All I could find was a picture.

Good luck in your hunt for the best gift ever. As you can see from my cronies, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a long-term memory.

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Dave’s Uncle Frank and his brother received this double barrel toy shotgun and a wind-up toy rabbit one magical Christmas morning. Photo courtesy of Dave Beck

December 14, 2021