1954 – 2021

Dolores Plass

Dolores Plass, 78, wife of former Boyd resident Charles Plass, passed away October 16th surrounded by family and friends, in San Antonio, Tx after a 2-1/2 year battle with pancreatic cancer. She fought a valiant fight to overcome an aggressive adversary, but a weakened state was more than her body could fight. An artist at cooking, the kitchen was her canvas. The zest for life of Dolores Plass will be remembered long after her passing.

Dolores and Charles met on Johnston Atoll/Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on a government project. They fell in love, married, and resided in San Antonio, Tx. Dolores designed the wedding which turned out to be an event of beauty, with family, friends, fun, merriment, a band, Mariachis, and a margarita machine.

Dolores lived for her family, and loved travel and adventure.

Her leadership and strong convictions paved the way as an activist in humanity. She was a strong leader of civic groups in the Projects of San Antonio where she grew up. She made sure her children would not be influenced by the surroundings, and they now are all profes- sionals in their field. Knowing how to be thrifty with money but knowing quality, Dolores would purchase items at thrift stores, garage sales, resale shops, etc, and use those items to make a house into a warm home. Walking into our house people exclaim “this house is like a museum!”.

Thanksgiving was a food feast, with Dolores making sure everyone made a contribution. Christmas was especially warm, with songs, food, and Charles handing out the gifts.

Her favorite time was Fiesta – 11 days in April celebrating the independence of Mexico from Spain. She made sure we did not miss the food, people, parades, and the merriment of that yearly event.

Dolores is survived by her loving husband Charles, 5 children and 3 step children, three nieces and their combined 6 children, 13 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren, and 8 step grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her Father Catarino, Mother Herlinda, Sister Sylvia, and a brother Daniel at birth.

A Celebration of Life was held on November 13th. In an interview with her daughter before her death Dolores designed the event, requesting a sno-cone machine and a bouncy for the kids, Mariachis, and a margarita machine. Dolores’ children and her husband worked on the details of the event with tents, lights, food (prepared by the nieces in honor of Dolores) and, an Elvis impersonator.

In lieu of flowers make any contribution to either the San Antonio Food Bank Inc, San Antonio, Tx, or a non-profit charity of your choosing.

Dolores will be greatly mis sed.

December 15, 2021