to the Editor

LETTERS to the Editor

All I Want for Christmas

To the editor,

Santa, please, no mitts or caps No blankets for my cozy naps No toys, no skis, no songs or raps— I just want un-rigged, fair maps.

Maureen Ash Western Wisconsin for Nonpartisan Voting Districts (WWNVD)

Annual Lennon tribute

To the editor,

I’m writing to thank those who attended our annual tribute to John Lennon and the Beatles at the River Falls Public Library on Sunday, Dec. 12. Although the program is free, a pre-holiday gift to the community, each year we collect donations to a humanitarian charity we believe John Lennon would have approved.

This year’s donations went to the International Rescue Committee, a highly rated charity aiding refugees, immigrants, and other people in desperate circumstances in countries such as Afghanistan and Syria. Our audience contributed nearly $300, which year-end matched funding doubled. Hats off to attendees from Somerset, New Richmond, Hudson, Spring Valley, Prescott, River Falls and elsewhere for your generosity. Such heart-felt giving truly warms the cold season.

And many thanks to the River Falls Public Library for generously hosting us the past ten years and all who helped make our event a success.

Thomas R. Smith River Falls

Restored faith

To the editor,

I want to thank all of you for an experience I recently had in your town. In November of 2021, I travelled from southern Illinois to Ellsworth to attend the funeral of my niece, Melissa VanGuilder. Long road trips are difficult to make for me these days, but I had to come and pay my respects to her, who was loved by so many.

Melissa was kind, funny, and an incredibly strong woman, who died way too young.

I arrived with my daughter the morning of the funeral, and we were met by Bonnie at David Lodge and Inn with an understanding smile, comforting words, and a warm room to rest in before an afternoon of mourning.

The funeral service was beautiful, and everyone spoke kindly. A nice and filling meal was served afterward at Snowballs, and it warmed my heart to see the whole community turn out in support of Lynette, Bob, and Annette as they grieved their most terrible loss.

I want to thank everyone and tell all of you how much my confidence in the American spirit was restored.

I've asked Lynette numerous times why they choose to remain in a place so cold, and she's always replied, 'This is home. Bob and I love it here.'

I can now see why. The air might be bitingly cold in Ellsworth, but from what I saw on a very sad day in November of 2021, I assure you that hearts are warm in Ellsworth, Wisconsin.

Melissa VanGuilder will forever be in our hearts.

Sincerely, Jordis Mills Illinois

December 21, 2021