Lucas Smith drives the ball downcourt against St. Croix Central, as elsewhere Carsen Hause and Landon Karlen keep an eye on the competition. Photo by Joseph Back.
Oriole boys win against Bloomer abroad, fall to St. Croix Central

Going into the week past, the Oriole boys varsity was looking at a checkered record for the 2021-22 season, with wins against McDonnell, Cadott, and Thorp, but losses to Wausau West, Newman Catholic, and Spring Valley.

The week now past, they can chalk up another win, and another loss, taking on Bloomer at Bloomer to come out ahead 52 – 36, but then fall to St. Croix Central in a 69 – 67 finish at home.

Leading the way against Bloomer on Tuesday December 21 was Carsen Hause, with 11 points in the first half and nine in the second, for a total of 20.

Coming in next against Bloomer for team point contributions was Brady Potaczek, with 12 game points overall The first half against Bloomer saw one foul each for Hause and Potaczek, along with one for Landon Karlen and Henry Hoel as well. Moving into the second half against Bloomer things went somewhat better, with just three fouls overall for the Orioles, two to Lucas Smith and a second personal foul to Hoel. With Hoel contributing nine points overall to the win against Bloomer and Smith contributing eight, the Orioles nevertheless took the win in the end.

Not so with St. Croix Central. Moving in a hard fought back and forth game that saw the score 45-41 at the half and in the Orioles favor, the Panthers turned their disadvantage to a gain, coming out with 28 points in the second half as opposed to 22 for the Orioles.

Needing four points to tie and scoring six instead, this put St. Croix Central ahead, in the end.

Notable score contributions on the Oriole end came from Smith and Potaczek, with 14 points each over the course of the game, played at home.

Coming in on top though was Hause, with 21 game points overall, 12 in the first half and nine in the second.

A notable stumbling block for the Orioles against St. Croix Central related to fouls, several being logged over the course of game play, for a total of 13 overall.

The Oriole boys varsity plays Lakeland next at Stanley-Boyd on Thursday December 30.

December 29, 2021