Kade Blu LessardKindergarten SOAR Kade has been doing an awesome job being a positive leader in the classroom. He is doing a great job listening and following directions and he has been working so hard on his school work.


Kindergarten SOAR

Kade Blu does a good job in the classroom being a positive leader. He works hard when he has a job to do and he is kind to all of the other students in the class.

Kindergarten SOAR Ella is always so helpful in our classroom. She helps her classmates pack up at the end of the day and organizes things in our room without being asked. Thank you for being such a great leader!

Ella Haas2nd Grade SOAR Elyse is always following directions, being kind and helpful. She is so motivated to do well. She is an outstandingstudent.

Elyse Peterson3rd Grade SOAR Brad is always demonstrating what it means to be prepared and ready to work. He transitions quickly and stays on task. He is an exceptional leader and someone students in the class can look up to! Keep it up, Brad!

Brad Flashinski3rd Grade SOAR Jace is such a kind, thoughtful friend! He is always willing to help out a friend in need, and says the nicest things to his friends. He is respectful to his classmates and is a great friend to others! Keep up the great work, Jace!

Jace Lato2nd Grade SOAR Gavyn has earned a SOAR for working hard in class and always trying to challenge himself. He uses higher level thinking in making connections, inferences, and predictions. Keep up the great work Gavyn.

Gavyn Lewcewicz2nd Grade SOAR Andrew has shown tremendous growth with his level of social maturity in 2nd grade! Great job, Andrew, being respectful, responsible,and safe by being flexible withchanges to the schedule. I appreciate your hard work!

Andrew Mertens3rd Grade SOAR Collin is so much fun to have in class! He has a great sense of humor and is a very hard worker! I can always count on him to be following the 3B’s! Keep up the great work, Collin!

Collin Ogle3rd Grade SOAR Dakota has a heart of gold and is so considerate of others! He is very helpful when others are in need! He is always willing to help out when needed! Keep being AWESOME, Dakota!

Dakota Stefanakos1st Grade SOARMrs. Anderson’s Class

December 29, 2021