Jill Merlaine Daniels 1956 – 2022

Jill Merlaine Daniels, age 65, of Withee, WI passed away Wednesday March 9, 2022, surrounded by her family.

Jill was born October 15, 1956, in Stanley, WI to Red (Donald) & Merle (Doughty) Daniels. Jill was raised in Stan – ley, WI. She attended Holy Family Catholic School and Stanley-Boyd High School. Jill and her lifelong boyfriend and soul mate, Chris Kulinski helped operate the family dairy farm for many years in Withee, WI, which later became their hobby farm. According to Chris they met at a dance hall called Airway in Marshfield. He was in charge of booking the bands such as the PF Flyer band. He had seen her several times when she worked at Don Smiths in Stanley but was too shy to talk to her. It was at the PF Flyer performance they fi nally conversed.

She enjoyed and shared in her dad’s passion for photog- raphy. She often assisted Red (founder of Daniels Studio) with local wedding venues and sporting events throughout her life. Jill was a traditional homemaker and very proud of the dairy and later hobby farm her and Chris helped operate.

Later in life, Jill worked as an in home-care aid for elderly residents whom she adored and loved to tell stories about.

On the farm, Jill was the family master gardener and an amazing cook. She could be found tending to her huge vegetable garden, flower beds and canning her vegetables.

She learned the art of cooking from her mom and grandma Ruth. She generously gave lots of home grown produce to friends, neighbors and fam- ily members. She had a love for cooking so much that she had a library of cookbooks and countless handwritten recipes.

Jill cherished family heirloom recipes and frequently copied and passed them to family members. She was a great re source for anything in relation to gardening, canning, plants and bird species (specifical ly parakeets and peacocks).

Some may call her the "moth er of peacocks” as she raised many of them. They were her pride and joy. There was one favorite from the very first batch of 5, named “Lucky”.

He was different, in that he thought he was more human than peacock. He liked to be in the house, sitting on Jill’s lap, eating snacks. “Lucky” now hangs on the brick wall at their farmhouse. She mothered and welcomed many unwanted pets and stray animals. Jill and Chris had horses, chickens, guinea hens, cats, dogs, parakeets, peacocks and a large fish tank. They had a favor ite bull-calf named “Phineas” that liked to be scratched behind the ears. The nieces and nephews of “Auntie Jill” and “Uncle Chris” (whom were all city kids) looked forward to staying at the Withee farm every summer. The kids have memories of kayaking around the small pond at the farm, riding on the hay wagons, walking the pastures, petting the horses, feeding the baby goats, dressing up and riding on the back of their friendly rottweiler “Leah”. Auntie Jill sometimes made the kids a personal breakfast menu of many choices and was delighted to make their favorites. A typical breakfast may include potato pancakes and chocolate goats’ milk. Jill would often bring the kids to the local Amish and Mennonite stores in the Withee area to buy herbs and spices. The kids were intrigued by Chris’s Polish dad “Fred” who spoke mostly in Polish to the cows while he was milking. This was entertaining and sometimes comical. They enjoyed asking Fred and Chris to say phrases in Polish. Chris had a large candy drawer in their farmhouse kitchen that he shared with them. There was always an adventure and a big tree in the front yard to climb at the farm.

She loved her family and was a collector of many things, including glass paper weights (there is a story behind each one of them), vintage music boxes, plants, antiques and turquoise jewelry. Jill will always be remembered as having braided hair and wearing turquoise jewelry. She was known for her many peacock collectibles and figurines. Jill had acquired a vast collection of family history and photo- graphs. She enjoyed reading family history and genealogy.

She was very sentimental and kept every family heirloom.

Jill eagerly anticipated the Annual Doughty 500 Family reunion every year, which always included a 500-mile model T run with a variety of model T’s. Her grandpa Herb (Royal) passed down his love for model T’s to the succeed- ing generations. She loved to talk about the 500 and tell stories. Jill was meticulous about remembering dates and birthdays. There were always birthday cards along with a little bit of money in the mailbox on time and often a few days early for family members.

Jill had many hobbies in addition to farm steading. She loved her “orange” kayak, spending time with friends canoeing the Black River, playing Bingo with the neighbor ladies and putting on a feast for the hunting crew every fall.

She enjoyed attending events at Otter Lake and camping at her lake site there alongside her dad (Red) and Norma’s campsite. Jill could sew and knit very well. She also played the flute.

An old English saying de- scribes Jill perfectly: "She would give her last dollar”. Jill is remembered as one who had little and gave much. Her heart was huge. There isn’t a person who could model “humility and generosity” more than Jill.

Jill is survived by her boy- friend Chris Kulinski; Siblings Donny (Cil) Daniels, Wen- dy (Dean) Witt, Barry (Sar – ah) Daniels; Stepsisters Lynn (John) Steivang, Pam (Jim) Blanchette, Heidi (Dick) Wold; Nieces and nephews Eric Daniels, Julie Daniels, Heather (Dave) Acker, Trever (Kelsey) Witt, Matt (Danielle) Daniels, Elli Daniels and Bryce Daniels. Along with several great- nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her Par- ents Red (Donald) and Merle Daniels and stepmother Norma Daniels. A celebration of life will be announced and held for a later date. All friends and family will be welcome.

Plombon Funeral Home is assisting the family with arrangements.

March 16, 2022