Ellsworth prom is an ‘enchanted’ event

ELLSWORTH – Ellsworth High School does things a little differently with its prom court. Students cast their votes for cer

tain titles, a long standing tradition.

This year’s prom court includes: Queen Ana Winger, King Carson Nugent, Mr. Nice Guy Seth Rohl, Miss Sweetheart Kallie Beissel, Mr. Comedy Vinny Young, Miss Hilarious Marissa Early, Mr. Outgoing Aiden Johnson, Miss Sociable Macy Gutting, Best Dressed Katie Gillespie and Bo Hines, and Perfect Pair Wyatt Nelson and Ana Winger.

The Ellsworth High School Junior Prom Court gathers around Queen Ana Winger and King Carson Nugent Saturday, April 30. The windy, rainy weather didn’t deter everyone from having a great time. Photos courtesy of Anne Pechacek

Ellsworth High School Principal Mark Stoesz and EHS Span ish teacher Lesley Stoesz have served as prom chaperones for the past 25 years. They are both retiring at the end of this school year. Photo courtesy of Anne Pechacek

May 3, 2022