Marriage Licenses

The Pierce County Clerk issued the following marriage licenses in April 2022.

Wayne Melvin Anderson, 87, town of Trenton, and Norman Jean (Stockwell) Ecklund, 85, Ellsworth.

Nicholas Brian Junk Bremer, 27, St. Paul, and Molly Kate Kapocius, 24, St. Paul.

Nicholas Joseph Borchardt, 35, town of Martell, and Kayte Alizabeth Koehler, 30, town of Martell.

Roman Aubry Meadows, 29, River Falls, and Brianna Elizabeth Hamernick, 27, River Falls.

Dominic Jeuery Wilkens, 22, Ellsworth, and Kimberly Michelle Hove, 23, town of Trenton.

Benjamin Luke Stickney, 25, River Falls, and Rachael Mary Look, 25, River Falls.

Evan Vaughn Strand, 23, town of Trenton, and Hannah Marie Dordal, 22, town of Trenton.

Jake Everett Kryzer, 35, Ellsworth, and Melissa Ann McGrath Moser, 39, Ellsworth.

Benjamin William Yoder, 35, town of Oak Grove, and Casey Carol Cardin, 32, Cannon Falls, Minn.

Steven Paul Johnson, 37, Plum City, and Katie Marie Nelson, 30, Plum City.

Andrew William Campion, 26, River Falls, and Eilee Melissa Peterson, 22, St. Paul.

Brandon Michael Walter, 29, town of Trimbelle, and Kelsey Jo Wedrickas, 26, town of Trimbelle.

May 3, 2022