Prescott Community Foundation awards grants

Helping build a stronger community

PRESCOTT — The Prescott Foundation has been working diligently the past few months, reviewing and evaluating the many grant requests received from non-profit or ganizations within our community. Additionally, we had a great opportunity from our partner, St. Croix Valley Foundation, ouering a price match for the Vibrant Communities Mental Health Grant that was given a deadline of this past March.

Our mission states, “to build a better community through charitable giving. The Prescott Foundation supports programs, projects and organizations that enrich life for residents of the Prescott community. We provide grants for community development, education, recreation, arts and culture, environmental projects, youth programs and community services." With our mission in mind, ranging in diversity and with likewise goals of building a better community, we’re pleased to announce the non-profitable organizations that received approval:

Prescott High School (weight room remodel), grant amount $4,500. A space pro vided to students, athletes and community members. The remodel included updates such as: equipment, flooring and turf.

Fairy Wonderland Park, grant amount $10,000. (Prescott Foundation grant of $4,520 + St. Croix Valley Foundation grant of $5,480). Phase 1 construction begin – ning September 2022. Located in Prescott, the park will be fully accessible, promoting well-being for all and providing benefits to

families and children of diuerent abilities. "This unique park will be an inclusive park that will promote physical activity and play to promote socialization, family time, exercise, and creativity," said B. Christian son, board member of Healing Play, Inc.

Prescott K9 , grant amount $1,000. Equip – ping the Prescott K9 squad vehicle with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Friends of Freedom Park for Coulee River Trails, grant amount $10,000. Pres- ently underway. Providing benefit and space to the Prescott High School, cross-country athletes and spectators. The trail system is available to the community for recreation and exercise purposes.

“Trail systems promote community wellness, relaxation and recreation for people of all abilities and socio-economic status," said Israel Haas, Freedom Park Executive Director.

Friends of Freedom Park (goat prairie garden), grant amount $500. Project under way. Replacing turf grass with native plants, the garden will restore the river bluu prairie and old savanna.

Prescott Fire Department (pancake breakfast for seniors), grant amount $1,300. Four Sundays through March and April 2022. Benefitting residents of the Prescot Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

With gratitude, the members of Prescott Foundation would like to extend our appreciation to our supporters. Your generosity makes opportunities to give possible. Thank you for your donations and including the foundation in your vision of building a better community.

To learn more about the Prescott Foundation and how to donate, please visit www.prescottfoundation. com and be sure to like us on Facebook.

Submitted by Prescott Community Foundation

May 3, 2022