Land Transfers

PIERCE COUNTY Land Transfers

The following property transfers were recorded by the Pierce County Register of Deeds May 2-6.

Monday, May 2 Carol Johnson Estate to Grant Bruehl, Lots 9 and 10, Block 14, Copp & Maxson’s First Addition, City of


Marianne Gilbertson

to Joyce Traynor, Lot 132, Spring Creek Estates South, City of River Falls.

Jason & Coleen Krohn to Mary Leaman, Lot 50, Stone Brook Townhome Community Third Addition, City of River Falls.

Justin R. Hewitt to Justin R. Hewitt & Amanda Berger, NE-NW, Sec. 11, Town of Maiden Rock.

Tuesday, May 3 Stephen V. & Sheri A. Magnuson to Adam M. & Karalee N. Stanger, Pt. NW-NW, Sec. 7, Town of Clifton.

Wednesday, May 4 Sydnee L. Bendorf to Jonah D. Vandervorst, Lot 1, Block 97, NN & OS Powell’s Addition, City of River Falls.

Thursday, May 5 Fieldstone Family Homes Inc. to Hannah G. & Jonathan D. Everson,

Lot 3, The Palmetto, City of Prescott.

Debra L. Stern Estate to Luke & Kaylene Anderson,

Pt. SE-SW, Sec. 16, Town of Martell.

Adam & Hailey Raye Bauer to Michael Arnt, Pt. Lot 16, Hidden Valley, Town of Clifton.

Randall J. & Anita K. Iten to Nicholas A. & Casandra R. Jacobsen, Pt. SWSW, Sec. 20, Town of Clifton.

Friday, May 6 Sarah & Daniel Jenkins to Patrick D. & Diana L. Sura Revocable Trust, Lot 72, Spring Creek Estates, City of River Falls.

LeRoy A. Peck to Nicholas James Nimtz, Outlot 60, Assessor’s Plat, Village of Ellsworth.

August W. Kammueller & Allison M. Geurts to River Road Investments of Prescott LLC, Lot 5, Block 13, Borner’s Addition, City of Prescott.

Terry B. Williams to Forge Trust Co., NE-NE, Sec. 13, Town of Gilman.

Curt D. & Jean A. Stalhood to Edward Myles & Katelyn Jo Moline, NWNW, SW-NW, Sec. 3, Town

of Clifton.

May 10, 2022