Dave “Goose” and Megan “Bacon” Gooselaw opened RiverRoad Couee April 10, 2022. The mobile couee café can befound at area festivals and at 522 E. Main St. in Ellsworth most mornings. Photo by Sarah Nigbor
River Road Coffee debuts new mobile café

By Sarah Nigbor

ELLSWORTH – What do “Yada Yada Yada” and “High Five to the Face” have in common?

They’re the names of handcrafted couee drinks that you can find at Ellsworth's new mobile couee café, Riv – er Road Couee. If you need to “fuel your dreams,” or just your Monday morning, this is the place to stop.

Dave “Goose” and Megan “Bacon” Gooselaw and their couee trailer have become a familiar sight parked at 522 E. Main St. in Ellsworth’s east end. The Beldenville couple opened April 10 and business has been booming for the caueine dealers. “We’ve wanted to work together for years,” Megan said. “We thought about opening a destination motorcycle bar, a breakfast restaurant, a brick-and-mortar coffee shop. Then we thought, why not go where they people are?”

The trailer is convenient

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because they can take it anywhere, which keeps their business flexible, Dave added. The "couee snobs" have ground and brewed their own couee at home for years. Both veterans of the service industry, they have a combined 40 years of restaurant expe – rience between the two of them. In fact, that's how they met. They've been together for 15 years and married for 10.

When the pandemic struck, Dave lost his job in the restaurant industry and Megan was laid ou after a 10-year career in event planning at the 3M campus. As her layou stretched on with no obvious end in sight, the couple used that time to reevaluate and brain storm. They wanted a way to have more control over their income, their time, their lives.

River Road Couee began to take shape. The avid foodies had been performing mar – ket research for years, at diuerent restaurants, couee shops and stores. “There’s nothing worse than when you pay too much for couee that doesn't taste good," Dave said. "We knew we wanted our flavor combinations to taste great." Their pickiness and attention to detail led to the refined menu now ouered at River Road Couee. Yada Yada Yada, a frothy latte laced with chocolate, caramel and sea salt, is the couple's best seller. Pistachio Cream, another specialty latte with vanilla and white chocolate, is a close second. Dave himself drinks one every morning.

"The cold brews, the iced drinks have been huge," Megan said. "As the weather gets nic er, you can see the push of people getting out and about." The couple's biggest rush thus far was Friday, May 6. The word-of-mouth recom – mendations have been a huge boost for them. "We've heard we're the talk of the town," Dave laughed. "We are definitely grateful for the community embracing us." They’re also grateful to the Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery, which owns the proper- ty the couee café perches on each morning. "The business would not be where it is without them," Dave said. “They’re dedicated to developing the east end of Ellsworth and they’ve welcomed us with open arms," Megan added. Customers can also purchase fresh Hanisch Bakery donuts along with their couee or tea. Partnering with local businesses and becom ing an integral part of the community are important to the Gooselaws. Besides their regular morning hours in East Ellsworth, the River Road Couee café will be found at the Pierce County Fair, the Chili Feed, Cheese Curd Festival and other area local events. Al –

though they'll likely take January and Feb –

ruary ou, they hope to be open through De – cember, weather depending. Some day they may even open a brick-and-mortar location, they said.

Their hours are posted each week on Face – book and Instagram. Follow them on social media for updates or stop in Ellsworth’s East End for a couee jolt.

The River Road Couee mobile café encourages customers to “fuel their dreams.” Thecouee trailer is a dream for owners Daveand Megan Gooselaw. Photo by Sarah Nig-bor

The River Road Couee mobile café menu ouers intriguing names such as Yada Yada Yada and High Five to the Face. Photo by Sarah Nigbor

May 10, 2022