Land Transfers

PIERCE COUNTY Land Transfers

The following property transfers were recorded by the Pierce County Register of Deeds May 9-13.

Monday, May 9 Amanda J. Eggert to Scott & Christy Gordon,

Lot 19, Oakwood Acres, Town of Oak Grove.

Paul J. Larson GFL to Solid Waste Midwest LLC,

Pt. SE-SE, Sec. 13, Town of Diamond Bluu.

Tuesday, May 10 Lund Builders Inc. to Scott & Theresa Everson,

Lot 86, Quail Ridge II, City of River Falls.

Wednesday, May 11 Fieldstone Family Homes Inc. to Hannah & Jesse Sherman, Lot 41, Great Rivers, City of Prescott.

Tamara Millenacker to Vincent Biskupic & Danni Askew, Pt. NE-NE, Sec. 16, Town of Maiden Rock.

Mitchell Stewart to Lori N. Klund, Lots 1 & 2, Block 11, Nordrum’s Addition, Village of Elmwood.

Thursday, May 12 Scott J. & Theresa Everson to Michelle R. Hazelton, Lot 5, Block 98, Andrews & Winchester’s Addition, City of River Falls.

Nathan R. Wienke to Jason R. & Elizabeth Buu ington, Lot 8, Block 3, Original Plat, Village of Esdaile, Town of Hartland.

Donald J. Hines to R2 Trading LLC, NW-NW, Sec. 29, Town of El Paso.

Brad A. Woletz to Linda Bowen & Cody Jones,

Pt. Lot 4 & Lot 5, Irwin E. Magee’s Addition, Village of Ellsworth.

City Cottages Inc. to Nicole Thomas, Pt. NW-SW & NW-SE, sec. 28, Town of Oak Grove.

Jacob J. & Macheal M. Sachs to Maxwell Seipel, Pt. NE-SW, NW-SE & SE-SW, Sec. 9, Town of Oak Grove.

Blake H. & Rachael A.

Brenner to Andrew J. & Anjolene M. Boster Sr., Pt. SE, Sec. 7, Town of Maiden Rock.

Friday, May 13 Vanessa Simonet to Amy Beth Wieser, Lot 17, St. Croix Habitat for Humanity Eco Village, City of River Falls.

Scott J. & Barbara J. Carroll to Kimberly Khoury, E ½-NW-NW, Sec. 28, Town of Oak Grove.

Michael James Biegel to John & Catherine Feltes,

Pt. NW-NE, Sec. 34, Town of Oak Grove.

Richard A. & Tami J. Miller to Steven Terry & Cathy Marie Moen, Lot 37, Aspen Creek, Town of Oak Grove.

Jonathan Davis to Benjamin G. & Kelly D. Devine, Pt. SW-SW, Sec. 24, Town of Ellsworth.

Jane A. Schwalbe to Mary Jane Crawford, Lot 8, Block 1, Tollof Rollifson’s Addition, Village of Martell.

May 17, 2022