Notice is hereby given that the following establishments have submitted application for renewal of their license to operate in the Village of Ellsworth for the sale of intoxicating liquor and/ or fermented malt beverages for the period beginning July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.

Class “A”: Indianhead Oil Co., LLC, dba Holiday Stationstore #481, 456 W. Main St.

Agent – Dean Bernardin Northern Tier Retail, LLC, dba Speedway #4241, 176 W. Main St.

Agent – Terri Ann Howe “Class A”: Applegreen Midwst, LLC, dba Express Lane #2321, 101 N. Maple St.

Agent – Kari Lacy Shawn & Dan DS Liquor, dba DS Liquor, 280 N. Maple St.

Agent – Daniel L. Hanson Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery, 232 N. Wallace St.

Agent – Paul Bauer Landmark Services Cooperative, dba Ellsworth Cenex, 610 E. Main St.

Agent – Amanda Brenner Nil9Ventures, Inc., dba Nilssen’s Foods, 157 E. Main St.

Agent – Jason Nilssen Village Discount Liquor, 469 W. Main St.

Agent – Betsy Huie “Class B”: Century Saloon LLC, dba Century Saloon, 324 W. Main St.

Agent – Tricia McGrath Common Man Tap & Table LLC, 193 E. Main St.

Agent – Jarod Traynor Danny Dunns LLC, 265 N. Broadway St.

Agent – Randall J. Hendrickson RR Tavern LLC, dba Final Final Sports Bar, 305 W. Main St.

Agent – Donavan Sabby Kinne-Engelhart American Legion Post 204, 139 S. Oak St.

Agent – James Delamater Monday Night Mistress, LLC dba Niki’s Eastender, 252 N. Broadway St.

Agent – Donavann Sabby SDF Services Inc., dba Just Ka’s, 325 W. Main St.

Agent – Scott Furlong Snowball’s Bar, 463 E. Wall St.

Agent – Sina L. Hill 21 Plus Inc., dba Broz Bar, 455 E. Wall St.

Agent – Jason Marks Class “B”: Pierce County VFW Post 9060, 154 S. Plum St.

Agent – Bradly Setering Submitted by: Nicole Stewart, Village Administrator/Clerk-Tres.


May 24, 2022