John Parks was happy to capture a photo of the elusive Wisconsin state animal, the badger, on Friday, May 13 in the town of Martell. It’s one of only a handful of times that he’s seen one.Photo courtesy of John Parks
Photos of the week

Heidi Kopp of Spring Lake Township snapped some photos of the May 15 lunar eclipse. She held her iPhone up to her husband’s spotting scope. “It was really fun to watch the moon change and dim and turn blood red at the full eclipse. You could also see stars appear around the moon as it dimmed,” Kopp said.Photos courtesy of Heidi Kopp

John Shafer, town of Gilman, snagged this shot of the blood moon setting in the early morning hours of May 16. He was doing farm chores before getting his kids ready for school. To share a Photo of the Week, send them to Sarah Nigbor [email protected] courtesy of John Shafer

May 24, 2022