STATE OF WISCONSIN CIRCUIT COURT, PIERCE COUNTY Notice and order for Name Change Hearing Case No. 22CV56 IN THE MATTER OF THE NAME CHANGE OF Samuel James Newman By (Petitioner) Rachel Lynn Eastgate By (Co-Petitioner) Zachary James Eastgate

NOTICE IS GIVEN: __ _________ ____ _____ _______ __ change the name of the person listed above: FROM: [First] Samuel [Middle] James [Last] Newman TO: [First] Taurus [Middle] James [Last] Eastgate BIRTH CERTIFICATE: [First] Samuel [Middle] James [Last] Newman IT IS ORDERED: This Petition will be heard in the Circuit Court of Pierce County, State of Wisconsin: Judge’s Name: Elizabeth Rohl Place: Pierce County Courthouse West Courtroom 414 West Main Street, Ellsworth, WI 54011 Date: May 25, 2022 ______________ WNAXLP 4 20, 27, 5 4

May 24, 2022