Lori Braucks
City council will have new faces, as Braucks also decides against seeking re-election

By John McLoone

The ballot for the City of Hastings for the fall election is taking shape, with four people running for the two atlarge seats on the city council.

Neither incumbent for those seats – Lori Braucks and Mark Vaughan – are seeking reelection, so there will be two new faces at the council table.

As of press time Tuesday, May 31, six people have filed to run for the two seats: Angie Haus, Dean Markuson, Ian Martin, Dave Pemble, Tom Wright and Joe Balsenek.

Mayor Mary Fasbender is seeking reelection and as of press time, she is running unopposed.

Candidates had until the end of the day May 31 to file for office.

In a statement to the Hastings Journal Tuesday morning, Braucks wrote: “With gratitude for the last 7 1/2 years of service the Hastings community allowed me to have, I will not file for reelection for the Hastings City Council. My family and work commitments need to take higher priority in my life. When I started my first council term in 2014, I hadn't adopted my kids. I also took a new day job last fall that requires new skills and takes energy. I certainly haven't been perfect but have done my best to lead with common sense and ask questions. I trust our city staff implicitly and I appreciate their leadership and creativity so much. They do so much of the tough, real work of the city. I learned what I know from some of the greatest local public servants inside and outside our community. I am so grateful for the relationships I made through this role and hope many of them continue. I want everyone to know I feel a heavy sense of responsibility to the community and that makes this decision difficult. I know that many people have a ‘political career’ or specific stepping stones in mind. That hasn't been my mindset. I will continue to serve Hastings by doing the right thing at the right time. I want to make it clear that this decision is mine alone; not because of partisan bickering or nastiness or town gossip or any one specific situation. Thank you to all who supported me, my family or voted for me. Your confidence and trust are much appreciated. It's been a privilege to serve Hastings in this capacity. And it's possible you will see my name pop up in the future.”

Pemble registered for the ballot May 25. He previously served on the Hastings School District Board of Education but didn’t seek reelection to that post last fall.

Wright announced late Tuesday afternoon that he was throwing his hat in the ring for one of the atlarge seats.

Balsanek sent an email to the Hastings Journal announcing his candidacy late Tuesday as well. He is a former councilmember.

June 1, 2022