KFC plans for Hastings location to get Planning Commission review June 13

By Bruce Karnick [email protected]

Growing up in Hastings in the 1980s and 1990s, KFC had always been right at the corner of 22nd Street West and Vermillion St, where Las Margaritas now sits. Tai Chi was next to them. When KFC shut down, that left a hole for fried chicken in Hastings.

After an extended period of time, Argonaut Minnesota Ventures, Inc out of Klamath Falls Oregon is working with the City of Hastings to bring KFC back. The new location will be 1726 Vermillion Street, just a few blocks north of the old location. The new spot is at the northwest corner of Vermillion Street and 18th Street West where the only Ericksons / Freedom gas station used to be.

The current plans are under review by the Hastings Planning Commission and could see some changes depending on what the commission discovers in working with the builder. As of right now, it is slated to be roughly 3,100 square feet of restaurant space with seating for 24 people on the 3,100 square foot lot. The drive through will wrap around from the north end of the lot to the west side along the current tree line exiting onto 18th street.

Entrances to the lot will be on 18th Street and Vermillion Street as well as to the lot to the north that will be part of the new Hastings Dairy Store lot. The plan calls for 11 regular parking spaces plus two handicap parking spaces.

The application process has been started and before construction can begin, the application must, at a minimum, pass through both the planning commission and city council. The planning commission is tentatively set to review the KFC application at its next meeting on June 15, according to City Community Development Director John Hinzman.

June 8, 2022