After receiving their diploams, some students took the moment to ham it up and goof around for the camera like Clay Karas above left or Lilly Nuytten below left. Others chose the more reserved pose like Max Savage in the middle and others took matters into their own hands, taking a sel昀e from the stage like Ty Krick on the right. These four characters, like all of the wonderful students, will be missed in the halls of Hastings High School. Photos by Bruce Karnick and Ty Krick.


Graduates with Highest Honors, 4.0 GPA over four years.

Tyler Bushinski, Matthew Carda, Benjamin Clemens, Fernando Gonzalez Castello, Mason Johnson, Kira Lindstrom, Taylor McCoy, Bella Meier, Trinidad Opazo Garrido, Dominic Seebek, Kyra Smallidge.

Graduates with High Honors, 3.935 or better GPA over four years.

Axel Arnold, Ethan Bernt, GabrielDalmas, John Destross, Emma Dinndorf, Amy Duer, Molly Gathje, Wyatt Hannan, Lillian Hayes, Linnea Ester Hedin, Katelyn Hiller, Lillian Hilo, Hailey Ho昀, Kendal Jenkins, Philip Jensen, Ella Kelly, Emma Mann, Ashley Sandquist, Olivia Smiley, Jonathon Watson.

Graduates with Honors, 3.867 or better GPA over four years.

Autumn Adricula, Henry Ascheman, Owen Bakker, Nicole Beck, Taylor Borash, Joan Bromberek, Kristina Cahill, Hope Davis, Ashlyn Endres, Brenden Freiermuth, Elianna Haas, Steven Krey, Brita Lawrence, Taylor Pelava, Danielle Perez, Aiden Pfei昀er, Malissa Renhardt, Reanna Reinke, Connor Sto昀el, Addysen Tessier, Jordan Walsh, Benjamin Witt.

Two school board members had the honor of presenting the diplomas to their own children. Above, Chair Brian Davis hugs his daughter Hope. Below, Director Lisa Hedin hugs her daughter Linnea. Photos by Bruce Karnick

Congratulations to Hastings High School’s Class of 2022.May you never be afraid to step out from the crowd to get the best shot. Photo by Bruce Karnick.

June 15, 2022