Andrew Johnson resigns from Stanley PD

Chief to begin issuing junk notices on properties

Stanley police chief Lance Weiland has given his latest report for law enforcement, and caught up in the mix are several items. From one less full-time ovcer, to junk ordi nance enforcement, a yellow line to come at the school and a move to the new police addition pending inspection, things are far from boring in Stanley law enforcement.

“I was recently informed by Ovcer Andrew Johnson that he will be resigning from his full-time position within the police department as he has attained new employment in a non-law enforcement occupation,” Weiland wrote the Council. With May 6 as Ov – cer Johnson's last ovcial day, Weiland shared Johnson would still have the necessary qual- ifications for part-time work. "The fiscal year ends on June 30, 2022 and Ovcer Johnson will have the necessary continuing education credits to re- tain his certification for at least another year at that point.”

Also in police news now that the Spring Cleanup is completed are junk notices, which the chief anticipates to be out by May 6, with 10 days for compliance with same.

“I anticipate having all these notices out by May 6,” Weiland writes of property owners found to be in violation of the city junk ordinances. “Per protocol, 10 for compliance will be given and citations will be issued after this time for locations found to not be in compliance. As to parking, meanwhile, there’s a school issue to talk about.

“I was contacted by a city resident who was concerned with parking at the intersection of Dodge Street and East Fourth Avenue during the school day,” Weiland wrote the Council. “The concern was that vehicles are parking right up to the corner of the intersection, causing travc concerns due to significantly reduced visibility. This area is also frequented by students for after school sports.”

As a remedy to the accident waiting to happen, Weiland prescribed a yellow line and signage to send the right message: no parking here!

“Currently the curb line is not marked yellow for no parking nor is there any signage that would restrict parking in that particular area during any specific time," he wrote. “I do think that painting the curb line would be an easy fix to a problem that does need to be addressed, in my opinion.”

Finally and more happily for the police update, Weiland reported that the construction of the police addition at city hall is complete and an inspection allowing for use to take place Wednesday May 4.

“Once we get the go ahead to proceed with getting moved over, I will be making it a priority to get everything done that is needed to make that happen.

Ocer Andrew Johnson

May 4, 2022