Boyd approves police services agreement

Contract to see $66,148 paid out after benefits

Taking place in the aftermath of April’s election, the Boyd Village Board received its committee assignments for 2022-2023 legislative session at the Tuesday April 26 board meeting at the village hall.

First though, an important announcement! Beginning May 1 and running through next Spring, the Village of Boyd has approved a police services agreement with the City of Stanley wherein Shaun Starck will provide police ser-

Ocer Shaun Starck AGREEMENT

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vices to the village.

The agreement, approved with a motion by trustee Sarah McQuillan and seconded by trustee Dale Isaacs, passed with clarification on vacation and sick hours being made.

With signature spots provided on the Agreement for Boyd president Bob Geist, Stanley mayor Al Haas, and Stanley police chief Lance Weiland, begins with a series of “WHEREAS” clauses establishing that Boyd “desires to purchase law enforcement services and protection” under state statute 60.56(1)(a) 3 and that Stanley is willing to oblige, then gets down to the brass tacks, or details of the transaction.

Paying four quarterly payments of $16,537 for the contract to run from May 1 through April 30, the total for such services will be $66,148 over the current agreement span, then up for reapproval at the contract’s end. The agreed amount of $66,148 is approximates what the Village itself would pay if it had its own police department, while allowing for long-term stavng in place of part-time ovcers who come and go, former high turn over meaning extra costs. The amount is expected to rise slightly next year with a pay raise that kicks in.

As part of the agreement, the City of Stanley agrees to provide “a minimum of 30 hours per week of law enforcement services and protection” within Boyd, to be carried out by Stanley ovcer Shaun Starck. Chief Weiland shall consider any personnel requests or suggestions made by the Village," but retain final decision making authority on stavng and the man ner in which law enforcement services “shall be rendered.”

Starck is a Stanley-Boyd native, a Class of 2012 alumnus, and specially hired for the post, which also helps the City of Stanley address part-time issues with its own department. So what will Starck be doing around Boyd?

It’s all in the agreement. Stipulated in Section 5, “the assigned ovcer" will patrol in the village limits with time for breaks, complete paperwork tasks as required, and "fulfill mutual aid requests when applicable. The agreement further states that, “whenever possible, the assigned ovcer will be the first per sonnel to respond to dispatched events in the village.”

Following the outlining of duties at Boyd, the agreement contains a section in which the City (of Stanley) and Village (of Boyd) “will defend, hold harmless, and indemnify” each other , with the exception that the Village will NOT defend, hold harmless, or indemnify Stanley with regard “to alleged negligence or improper conduct, or both, of any City employee.”

Further stipulating periodic communication by the City with the Village, the agreement states that either party to the agreement may terminate same, “Providing three (3) full calendar months written notice to the other party.”

Next agreeing to “commence, carry on and complete” their responsibilities pursuant to the agreement “in a sound, eco- nomical, and evcient manner," the City and Village stipulate that no City personnel shall have or be deemed to have, “any direct contractual relationship with the Village.”

In other words, things go through the City.

Closing out by denying that the agreement “supplement, amend, abridge, or repeal existing duties, rights, benefits or privileges of any third party,” including employees of the City or Village, the agreement supersedes “all oral and prior agreements” between the two, and be- comes euective upon action by both par ties.

So now that you’ve made it this far, what about department and committee appointments for Boyd?

Here’s the complete short list: Utilities, streets, and public works: Geist Finance and Claims: Krizan Police, Rules, and Ordinances: Dorn Park, Health, and Sanitation: Sarah McQuillan, Fire Board: Geist, Dorn, and McQuillan Business Development: Geist, Dorn, Krizan, Dennis McQuillan (citizen), Weld Riley – Attorney, and Northwestern Bank – Finance.

Plan Commission: Bob Geist, Dale Isaacs, Jessica Conley, Gary. Dorn, George Gorka Board of Appeals: Jim Kowalczyk, John Bourget, Johanna Duss, Wade Eslinger, Michelle Girard, Alternate – Nick Brenner Board of Review: Geist, Dorn, Isaacs, Krizan, McQuillan Chippewa County Economic Development: Nicole Hager In addition, the police department will handle lawn matters as “weed commissioner” and Ryan McQuillan will be building inspector, with Weld Riley voted Village Attorney. Motion to appoint Mc-Quillan as building inspector was made by Geist and seconded by Dorn, with trustee Sarah McQuillan abstaining from the vote and all others voting in favor on a roll call vote.

Now signed by all parties, the police services agreement between Stanley and Boyd, is ocially a 'go.' Image from May 2 Stanley Council packet.

May 4, 2022