HOMEPLACE Happenings

This week we started planting indoors to get our things started for our patio when it warms up. Esther and June planted marigolds, sun flowers and flowers to attract humming birds and butterflies we also started a vegetable gar den with our cold crop veggies, Bunny and Monica planted potatoes, Ed planted onions and Larry planted carrots and helped me carry plant- ers to our Patio area and it will be a team euort in tending our gardens.

In honor of Arbor Day our residents made a tree with their hand and arm traced out and the leaves being their finger prints they enjoyed the finger paints and everyone's trees turned out great. It was a lot of fun! Were still painting spring/summer decorations for our resident doors and windows it is starting to look like spring at the homeplace .

I had the privilege to go out for a fish fry with Susan in Cadott at DJ’s we took the back roads for a little road trip on the way, Susan likes to see the horses and all the baby farm animals that have been born this spring, it’s a nice ride and the fish fry was great.

We had a good turnout for bingo this week with a lot of winners Dennis, Barb, Esther, Larry, Bernice, Bunny and Joann who won 5 games she is lucky, lucky, lucky!

May 4, 2022