City water and wastewater reports detail April work

Reporting to the Council for its May 2 Meeting, water oper ator Don Goettl gave an update on plant operation in the City of Stanley as played out over the last two weeks.

"ACE had Midwest Well Drilling, drill another test well on their property,” Goettl wrote, stating that the department would be monitoring its well statics while the pump test was done on the well at ACE April 28. "I talked with the well driller and he said they went down into the granite 300 feet,” Goettl went on. “He feels they hit some better and bigger cracks in the granite in this spot. He feels this well should produce more water than the other well they drilled.”

As to plant operation, Goettl had the following to share:

• Normal plant operation and maintenance the past two weeks

• Compliance testing done

• Digger’s Hotline locates

• Continued training with a new employee

• Sending out yearly nitrate samples As to work planned over the next two weeks, Goettl listed the following:

• Normal plant operation and maintenance

• Compliance testing

• Digger’s Hotline locates

• Continued work on the DNR Survey Deficiency List, and

• Cleaning and inspection of UTS units.

There was no planned train- ing for May or June.

Shifting over to the wastewater report for the last Council meeting, wastewater oper- ator Nick Martin reported that normal plant operations, along with TSS testing on industries and influent and ewuent.

In the meantime, the department was continuing work to optimize and consistently meet phosphorous limits of 0.0785, and had made adjustments to wasting levels to maintain Biological Phosphorous Removal. With the sludge press working since the past year pressed sludge’ was also part of the work report, along with a monthly DMR report for the DNR.

As to work planned the next two weeks, Martin reported daily plant operations, sludge pumping, and continuing maintenance work for the path ahead.

Planned training for the next 60 days includes attending the Wisconsin Wastewater Operator’s meeting in the Village of Roberts on May 24.

May 11, 2022