HOMEPLACE Happenings

Earlier this year some of our residents made bird suet and our birds are loving it we have wood peckers, chickadees and sparrows recently put out grape jelly for the orioles and there’s babies in the bird houses it’s a lot of fun watching them feed their babies.

Our marigold and sunflowers are coming along great and our other seeds didn’t fare so well. Better luck next year, our cold crop veggies are being tended to out on our patio there are a few onions starting to pop up and our potatoes and carrots won't be far behind with the warm weather that is finally here.

We have a few birthdays in May the first being Monica who is 79 on May 6th she is going out for a fish fry at the silver dollar and Saturday she’s going to stay with her sister Lou for the day, Happy Birthday Monica!

Bingo happened to fall on Cinco De Mayo so anybody who won at bingo had to wear a sombrero. Our residents had fun laughing with each other when another hat came out and someone else had to put one on, all but two people had to wear the sombrero, some grumpy faces but they still participated it was a lot of fun and our residents really enjoyed themselves.

Everyone here at the homeplace would like to wish all a happy mother’s day. Be safe!

May 11, 2022