New home coming to site of Dr. Erdman house

Single family four bedroom home to be built by Chippewa County Housing Authority, planned for completion by winter

The forms are ou and the basement walls in at the former lot of Dr. Charles Erdman property on the corner of First Av –

enue and McKnight.

Purchased by the Chippewa County Housing Authority (CCHA) for renova – tion and then burned in a controlled fire for firefighter practice when those planned renovations proved too expensive, the site will host a four bedroom home in the fu- ture, per CCHA executive director Jessica Oleson-Bue.

“We’re building a single family four bedroom home for a family at or below 80 percent of the County Median Income," Oleson-Bue said of the new construction. With the old basement removed post burn and the new one now in, Oleson-Bue said that construction is anticipated to be done on the home before the end of the year.

As to who qualifies for 80 percent of the county median income, it depends. “It varies on household size,” she said, saying that for a family of four the income limit would be $71,600. So how much might it cost to interested home buyers?

“We have’t set the sale price yet,” Oleson- Bue said, with assistance on housing down payment among that available through the CCHA.

In the meantime, the number for county housing assistance is 715-726-7793, with ovce hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thurs –

day, and Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Work has begun on a four bedroom house at the site of the former Dr. Erdman residence. The old house's basement was torn out following a controlled burn last spring, with the property sitting idle until now, with a new foundation going in. Photo by Joseph Back.

May 11, 2022