Park open at Boyd

Ringelspiel is coming soon, and with that in mind, we have some additional good news: the park at Boyd is ovcially open!

Referenced at the Monday village board meeting, it seems that Lotz Park is open—but with a twist.

“I don’t know what you want to do,” Streets and Utilities head Tom Grunewald said as he shared that someone or some one had greeted the park’s opening by going through and smashing all the hand sanitizers, including in the bathrooms. It was decided to put the hand sanitizers back in the bathrooms but not necessarily in the pavilion areas.

In the meantime, new ovcer Shaun Starck was at Monday's meeting with Stanley police chief Lance Weiland, the latter of whom reported that the department was juggling seven schedules to make the new arrangement work for the two communities after Stanley recently lost one of its full-time ovcers in Andrew John son, while things remained hopeful regarding soon to graduate candidates from the CVTC Police Academy.

We implore whoever destroyed the hand sanitizers to be better behaved in the future, given a new cop in town.

Otherwise, there could be consequences, once caught.

The park at Boyd is now open, though the Tee ball field still needs some work. Photo by Joseph Back.

May 11, 2022