HOMEPLACE Happenings

The residents are finally done planting all of our flowers that were generously donated to the Homeplace. Now it’s keeping up with the watering thru out our grounds for the entire summer it will have to be a joined effort we are giving up on the onions and carrot in hopes the chipmunk goes away to save our flower pots from being up rooted. If you come to the Homeplace to visit a friend or family member take the time to see our beautiful flowers and a big thank you to carol and Mr. Todd’s roofing for your donations.

Our craft activity this week is painting a flag on canvas it’s a work in progress which is being done in stages first they taped the stripes with painters tape before they started painting the red stripe and then giving our paint plenty of time to dry before we move unto the next step, the next step is the blue square in the upper right corner with stars. Flag facts: the blue square (the Canton) once contained the union jack symbol in 1776 a circle of 13 stars replaced he union jack to represent the union of the colonies and the number of stars changed as the states were added to the union. The stripes represent the original 13 colonies red symbolizes hardiness and valor, white symbolizes purity and innocence and blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice. National Flag Day is June 14th the holiday commemorates the date in 1777 when the United States approved the design for the first national flag. Happy Flag Day!

One of our activities is memory/sensory interaction with our memory care resi- dents they work on jigsaw puzzle , word search puzzles, using flash cards, listening to music and making things out of play dough, Anna is very good with her puzzles, she really enjoys the word search along with putting puzzles together, way to go Anna!

We started something new for bingo instead of tickets we offer boxes that they can choose from or a ticket almost everyone took a box that had snack items candy bars, gummy bears and cookies etc. it seemed to liven bingo everyone really enjoyed seeing what was in their box they had won our winners were Cyndi with 3 wins, John 1, June 1 and Denny won 4. This is something we will keep doing as it seemed to be more enjoyable for our residents. Who doesn’t like candy!

June 15, 2022